Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News from FPUSA's NW mixed doubles event

Event report from Lamorinda’s Etienne Rijkheer
(Check back soon for photos)

The Lamorinda Petanque Club hosted the FPUSA Northwest  Regional Mixed Doubles Tournament in Lafayette, CA. on May 20. 

Results and prizes:

Gold: ($156.00)          Mickey Coughlin and Nicole Coughlin (both Redwood Empire Boules Club) 
Silver: ($104.00)        Narin Garrett and Peter Mathis (both Valley of the Moon Petanque Club)
Bronze:($78.00)          Holly Sammons and Peter Wellington (both Valley of the Moon)
4th Place:($52.00)       Barbara Hall and Gilles Karpowicz (both Valley of the Moon)  

1st Place:($62.00)      Alain Gusella (la Boule d'Or) and Eva Lofaro (La Petanque Mariniere)
2nd Place:($40.00)    Jean Claude Bunand and Josseline Krauer (both la Boule d'Or)
3rd Place:($26.00)     Joe laTorre (Valley of the Moon) and Maggie Lane (Petaluma Valley Club)

Antoine Lofaro (National Umpire) was our arbitre on the day.
The Tournament was run according to FPUSA 1-Day Tournament Guidelines. 

There were 22 teams from  7 NW Regional clubs. 
Valley of the Moon PC - 14 players; 
Club Francaise de Sacramento - 8 players;
Petaluma Petanque Club - 6 players;
Lamorinda Petanque Club - 5 players; 
Redwood Empire Boules Club - 4 players; 
La Petanque Mariniere - 4 players; 
la Boule d'Or - 3 players

It is interesting to note that eight of the teams were made up of players from different clubs.

There were 3 randomly paired games to 11 points in the morning, then single elimination Concours and Consolante brackets in the afternoon.

The games started at 9:40 minus Gilles Karpowicz who got caught up in the Zazzle Bay to Breakers traffic madness in San Francisco. He had called ahead to say that he was going to be late and fortunately he arrived just in time to avoid time penalties.

The Concours final game started at 5:05 in the afternoon followed shortly at 5:16 by a rare annular eclipse that brought on twilight much faster than usual. The game ended just as the eclipse reached totality at 6:33 pm.