Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SFPC - ABC Tournament -

1 from each category
A - Captain 1 only
B - Sous Captain & Captain 2
C - Placers only
1- Armand Lallinec / RĂ©gine Maistri / Jaqueline Dufault
2- Yves Le Gall / Diane Horen / Jean Banchet
3- Pierre Gaudet / Muriel Schmidtky / Reggie Argentieri
4- Raymond Maistri / Jean Dagorn / Pierre Savoie
5- Jean-Jacques Baudo / André Beaufrand / Odette Damboise
6- Jean-Claude Cortes / Lucy Arpaia / Lise Lortie
Sent by Dominique Beaufrand.

Monday, February 26, 2007

VOMPC - Petanque -

Sonoma, CA - February 24th.

On a cold and occasionally rainy day, 38 eager boulistes from the Bay Area (though mostly from Sonoma) arrived with 4 boules in hand, for the VOMPC's annual season opener -- 4 Boule Tete a Tete. A hearty soup was served for lunch, thus dubbing the tournament "Soup and Singles." Playing with 4 boules rather than the usual 3 certainly introduces another element to the game, and it has become a traditional favorite for the club members.

After 3 qualifying games, 22 players advanced into the Concours. After a few more rounds of play, the final 4 players remaining were Tom Bricca v. Raymond Nielson and Gilles Karpowicz v. PJ Mallette. Raymond and Gilles emerged victorious in their berths for the final. Though Gilles was the defending champion from the 2006 tournament, the final game for 2007 went to Raymond. PJ was the winner of the game for 3rd place. In the Consolante, Dwayne Reed was the victor over Erin McTaggart.

Thanks go to Tournament Directors Ed Porto and David Riffo, with additional thanks to Chef Riffo for also cooking up the savory lunch.
Sent by Barbara Hall

Sunday, February 25, 2007

National Triples Tournament - Results -

After a Sunny and LONG Day of Petanque with temperatures in the Mid Seventies the National Triples Tournament was over and the Winners were.

First Place Roger Arpaia, John Rolland and Mark Vedrin

Second Place Jean Pierre Sobernat, Xavier Thibaud and Peter Crowley

Third Place Christian Bousquet, Marcel Kallanian and Jackie Plessas

Sarasota Club de Petanque Dinner

On Saturday Night and after the Social Tournament held at the Sarasota Club de Petanque we celebrating by having a Great Prime Rib Dinner at the Park's grounds. All I can Say is that it was a Feast cooked by Club Member and Chef Christian Bousquet.
After the Dinner the Drawing was held for the Teams Participating in the National Triples Tournament. Great Success and Fun for All.

Grand Opening of Lamorinda Petanque Club's Picnic & Petanque Area


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's not only about the Game

Petanque in the USA.
After a hard Day of Competition it's nothing better than to get together with Friends and share some time to remember for years to come and tell some of the stories of years past .
Where else will you find such a diverse GROUP, sharing a common interest from different backgrounds, Race, Religions and Languages.
In the last Couple of Years I have met so many new Friends all over the US that I will never forget thanks to the many pictures I have taken and for that I say, THANK YOU!

REMINDER - National Triples

National Triples Tournament will be Hosted this Year by Sarasota Club de Petanque in Sarasota FL. on Sunday February 25th.There will be also a Social Tournament not formed on Saturday February 24th at the same Courts.
See You There!

Monday, February 19, 2007

National Doubles - RESULTS -

After a chilly weekend in South Florida with temperatures in the Forties and low fifties with high winds, Boca 2000 Petanque Club organized the National Doubles Tournament. We had teams from California, New York and Florida, everyone had a great time.

First Place GOLD Medal Roger / John Roland

Second Place SILVER Medal Freddy / Gilles Canesse

Third Place BRONZE Medal Yannis / Marc Vedrine