Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2011 FPUSA Calendar of Events

Updated calendar as of April 1, 2011

Monday, November 22, 2010

John Rolland Tournament

The Annual John Rolland Petanque Tournament was a Great Success!.
We had many Elite Teams from Canada and Players from France, California and From Florida Teams from Orlando, Sarasota, Lakeworth and The Local Club Boca 2000 that it's Celebrating the 10th Anniversary on December 12th 2010 with Food and Play just the way we like it.

Competition was at the highest level with Four Pools of Six Doubles Teams in which only Two Teams will Advance to the Main Concours on Sunday after a total of Five Games.

The Results after the end of Tournament Play was as Follow:

1st Place  Maryse Bergeron - Marieke Rolland
2nd Place Yanick Lauhle - Alain Brunette
3rd Place Ludwig Vinches - Thomas Pouplot
4th Place Claude Lopez - Juan Garcia
5th Place Jean Michel Lauhle - Stephane St.Croix

The Winners of the Consolante were:
 1st Place Roger Arpaia - Yiannis Devert

The Shooting Contest.

1st Place  Thomas Pouplot
2nd Place Maryse Bergeron

The Winning Team of Maryse Bergeron and Marieke Rolland were undefeated throughout the Tournament steamrolling over the Male Competition. Maryse Played like a World Class Champion and it could not be done without the Flawless Pointing of Marieke.

After the dust settled on the Courts we moved to a close by Asian Restaurant  for a Great Dinner and Award Presentations and just like after any Tournament New Friendships were Born!!!

Click on the Link Below for the Pictures.

Tournament Pictures

There was also a Newspaper article on the Sun Sentinel about the Event and the Two Winners, sent to me by John Rolland ( Boca 2000 Club President)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

FPUSA 2010 National Doubles

Hello Everyone—
I finally managed to squeeze in some time to start posting to our blog. Hopefully, I can periodically report on some of the stories concerning our wonderful sport when I come across them. Let me start by posting a summary of the FPUSA National Doubles tournaments that were held in New York City back in late Sept. Ahhh—I remember it like it was only yesterday.....


FPUSA National Doubles Saturday Sept. 25th 2010 hosted by New York Petanque Club

On Saturday the National Mixed doublet was held at the beautiful new Paul Ricard petanque courts located in Prospect park, Brooklyn. Thanks to a strong contingent from Maine Boules Club, we managed to gather together 20 teams for the contest. 3 games were played in the morning, followed by a lunch provided by one of the club’s sponsors—P’tit Paris.

After lunch, we took 12 teams forward into the concours, with 8 teams going to the consolante. The final was played right into the evening and finished under the lights from nearby lamp posts and car headlights. Such is the chance we take when booking one-day tournaments late in the year. With entry fees and purse incentives, FPUSA was able to give out $1100 dollars in prize money. Not bad for a mixed doublette.

On Sunday it was 2 separate tournaments, the Men’s doubles and the Women’s doubles. The women’s contest fielded 8 solid teams, while on the men’s side 22 teams competed. After lunch, 4 women’s teams and 14 men’s teams moved on to the concours playoffs. There was $900 available to the men and $200 dollars for the women. Of course the first three places in all tournaments received FPUSA medals as well.

men's and women's action

Overall, it was a great weekend with a nice turnout. Everyone celebrated the end of the tourney with a complimentary aperitif provided by NYPC sponsor RICARD. Goodbyes were said, and then players disappeared into the New York night.

Cynthia & Susan (Maine) win the women's gold... mixed final finishes by the light of the moon.

FPUSA National Mixed Doubles Results: Saturday Sept. 25th 2010


1) Richard “Ti” Meas / Lorissa Rinehart LBNY

2) Yngve Biltsted / Leyla Biltsted LBNY

3) Xavier Thibaud / Holly Sammons NYPC / Willits

4) Diane Bianco / Joe Martin Maine / Portland OR


1) Erin McTaggart / Mike Menefee Willits

2) Alec Stone Sweet / Narin Garrett LBNY / Willits

FPUSA National Womens Doubles Results: Sunday Sept. 26th 2010


1) Cynthia Stroud / Susan Shaw Maine

2) Holly Sammons / Shannon Bowman Lamorinda /Willits

3) Mia Kanazawa / Kate Unkel Maine

4) Narin Garrett / Kate Brideau Willits / LBNY


1) Lorissa Rinehart / Erin McTaggart LBNY / Willits

2) Peggy Matsuda / M. J. Campbell Mann Petanque Mariniere / Maine

FPUSA National Mens Doubles Results: Sunday Sept. 26th 2010


1) Eric Bertin / Xavier Thibaud NYPC

2) Amadou Thiam / Charlie Kossi LBNY

3) Emile Boujeke / Steve Ginsberg LBNY / NYPC

4) Bill Harris / Nick Mullendore NYPC


1) Gilles Ray / Antoine Ray NYPC

2) Jean Pierre Subrenat / Franck Labasse NYPC

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PA Open 2010 Amelia Island, FL.

These are the Results from the Petanque America Open that by the way was a complete success with perfect Weather to go with it.
Well organized Tournament by Phillippe Boets, Christophe Chambers and the City and Citizens of Amelia Island that helped everyone feel so welcome


1) Jean Michel Laulhé / Stéphane St. Croix

2) Ben Gauthier / Mario Gagné

3) Alain Brunette / Yanick Laulhé

4) Eric Bertin / Xavier Thibaud

5) Marc Vendrine / Jean Blanchet

6) Bernard Martin / Jean Pierre Hueaud

7) Peter Mathis / Roger Arpaïa

8) Juan Garcia / Mamary Coulibali

Concours AA

1) Art Zuev / Paul Iskin

2) Yngve & Leyla Biltsted

3) Yves Chenette / Pascal Hénault

4) Joseph Hassoune / Jean-Pierre Hemery


1) Jeannot Ruperti / Franck Labasse

2) David Spangenberg / Peggy Matsuda

3) Joel Acchiardi / Joe Drago

4) Stephen Johns / Fernando Triana


1) Robert Pierre / Michel Ribet

2) Jon Claessens / Corey Milliord

3) Andre Strong / Cynthia Stroud

4) Gina DeJoy / Susan Shaw


1) Gilles LaChance / Michel Robechaud

2) Michel Crouzillat / Raymond Fulconais

3) Jean Dagorn / Dan Feaster

4) Armand Lallinec / Jean Birocheaux


1) Daniel Smith / Augustin Vigoureux

2) Howard Ando / Jane Wilkinson


1) Felix LeGrand / Michel Cardon

2) Reginald Argentieri / Eric Moutard

3) Patricia Lallinec / Régine Maistri

4) Verena Rytter / Claudie Chourré


1) Uijin Park / Lauren Gioscio

2) Richard Taranto / Kirsten Taranto

Reported Results by Christophe Chambers. Petanque America.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

New Florida Clubs

I recently noticed that we have three  new Petanque Clubs on the East Coast of Florida and the Two of the latest Clubs from the North East Area, one from Amelia Island and the Other from ST Augustine.














STEPHANE SOILLEUX                                    

PO BOX 3324




Tuesday, November 02, 2010

FPUSA on steady growth path!

(click on the graph to enlarge it)

FPUSA membership is experiencing steady and respectable growth, now at over 1500 players, a high mark for the organization, according to FPUSA Secretary, Frank Pipal.

The graph clearly shows that more new players are joining us each year than are being lost to attrition. The number of clubs is increasing also, with a gradual trend toward filling in some areas of the country that have been missing out on how much fun the game of petanque is.

Adding new players, new clubs, and new venues for tournaments are sure ways to keep our organization on track to set new records.

If you are a member of the FPUSA, then you deserve a pat on the back for welcoming these new players and helping us to continue growing! Thank you!