Thursday, September 22, 2011

NE Regional Tournaments -RESULTS-

OFFICIAL RESULTS from the NE Regional Triples and Doubles Tournament hosted by the
 Maine Boules Club on September 10 and 11th.

 We had an excellent turnout with 38 competitors for the Triples and
 and 36 for the doubles.

TRIPLES Concours
1st Kate Unkel, Jetsun Penkalski and Patrick Hayes/MBC and LBNY
2nd Cynthia Stroud, Gina deJoy and Andre Strong/MBC
3rd Ernesto Santos, Kate B., Lucien Tianajaona/ LBNY
4th Mark Kindschi, Mia Kanazawa, Bill Irvine/MBC

1st Joel Schifflet, Paul Kelly, Bill Harris / NYPC
2nd Duncan Ralph, Frank Bianco, Russ Dischinger /MBC


1st Cynthia Stroud, Andre Strong/MBC
2nd Lucien and Bill Harris/ LBNY/ NYPC
3rd Mark Kindschi and Mia/MBC
4th Ernesto and Kate B./ LBNY

1st Joel and Paul/ NYPC
2nd Kate U. and Jetsun/ MBC
3rd Paula and Colin/ MBC

As you can see, Maine Boules Club was very well represented on the podium, with
special congratulations to Paula and Colin - brand new members who
were playing in their very first tournament. Great to see that 7 out of 8 teams in the 2 concours contained at least one woman player.

You can find many more photos, including the awards ceremony and lobster dinner, on the Maine Boules Club facebook page
or on the Pilgrim's Inn website.

Thanks to all who competed, hosted guests, raked, signed us up,
cleaned up, and provided us with water, coffee, pastries and shelter.
It was truly a wonderful weekend. We loved playing on the new piste
at Webber's Boatyard. Many, many thanks go to Annaliese and Matt of
the Boatyard Grill, who made it possible for us to play there and kept
our bellies happy.

       Mia Kanazawa
       MBC President