Monday, August 18, 2014

Results from FPUSA's NorCal region 65 +/- event on Aug. 10, 2014

A total of 36 players from several Northern California clubs competed in the Aug. 10 event at the La Petanque Mariniere courts in San Rafael. It was an inter-regional  event with a mixed doubles format with one player having to be over 65 and the other under.

Winners were:


1st place: Patrick Vaslet & Holly Sammons (Valley of the Moon)
2nd place: Jean-Claude Etallaz & Colette Van Der Meulen: (La Petanque Mariniere)
3rd place: Mike Cooper & Narin Garrett: (VOMPC)

1st place: Eldon Moilanen and Alwyn Falkenberg:  (Redwood Empire)
2nd place: Jean-Michel Poulnot & Claudie Chourré:  (VOMPC & LPM)
3rd place: Steve Jones & Christine Jones: (Petaluma Valley)

For a report from the ever colorful correspondent Efron Alain, check out:

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Saturday 28 June 2014
FPUSA National Men's Singles Championship
FPUSA National Women's Singles Championship

Sunday 29 June 2014
FPUSA National Mixed Triples Championship

Hosted by the 
Portland Petanque Club, Portland, Oregon

Men's Singles: 36 teams competed. 20 advanced into the concours and 16 into the consolante

GOLD:       Artem Zuev (LAPC))

SILVER   JP Subrenat (NYPC)

BRONZE:   Daniel Smith (Boules de Leon)

4th Place:  Philippe Geraud (SPC)

Women's Singles: 17 teams competed. 9 advanced into the concours and 8 into the consolante

GOLD:       Celia Crittenden (PPC)

SILVER   Jeed Chaiboonruang (Eugene PIC)

BRONZE:   Shannon Bowman (Sonoma)

4th Place:   Linda Ferguson (SPC)

Mixed Triples: 17 teams competed. 9 advanced into the concours and 8 into the consolante

GOLD:       John, Tish, Diana (OPC, LAPC)

SILVER   Celia, Joe C, Van (PPC, Walla Walla)

BRONZE:   Daniel S, Artem, Karina (Boules de Leon, LAPC)

4th Place:  Juanita, Brad, Jack (SPC)

Top 4 Men's Singles: (L-R) Daniel Smith, Artem Zuev, JP Subrenat, Philippe Geraud

Top 4 Women's Singles: (L-R) Shannon Bowman, Jeed Chaiboonruang, Celia Crittenden, Linda Ferguson

Top 3 Mixed Triples: (L-R) 3rd: Artem, Karina, Daniel  1st: Diana,Tish, John  2nd: Joe, Celia, Van

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Lamorinda Petanque Club will be hosting both the
2014 FPUSA Men's and Women's National Triples Championships
on August 2 and 3, 2014 on their terrain at 480 St Marys Road in Lafayette, California.

In addition to being National Championships, these are Qualification Tournaments:

The Men's Triples Championship will determine the Official U.S. National Team for the 
2015 F.I.P.J.P. Men’s World Confederations Cup Tournament which will be held in New Caledonia in late 2015.

The Women's Triples Championship will determine the Official U.S. National Team for the 2015 F.I.P.J.P. Women’s World Championship. The venue will be announced when details become available.

On Sunday, August 3 there will be a consolante tournament, the FPUSA Federation Cup Select Triples Tournament in which any licensed FPUSA member may participate.

Our terrain will be open on Friday, so you can come on down and familiarise yourself with the pistes. Registration and start times for both Saturday and Sunday are contained in the Tournament forms.

You will get all the Forms, Rules and other information you need by visiting the 2014 FPUSA Men's and Women's National Triples Championships website.Please click this link to get there:

This link is also posted on the Landing Spot

FPUSA NorCal Inter-regional Mixed Triples
hosted by the Club Francaise de Sacramento, Sacramento, California 
on Sunday, 8 June 2014.
GOLD:       Peter Mathis (VOMPC), Mickey Coughlin (Redwood Empire), Holly Sammons (VOMPC)

SILVER    Peter Wellington, Narin Garrett, Barbara Hall (all VOMPC)

BRONZE:   By Vang, May Lee, Thomas Moua (all Fresno Petanque Club)

4th Place:  Poe Lee, Teng Ly, Colette Evans (all Club Francaise de Sacramento)

13 teams competed from the NorCal and Southwest Regions.
Peter, Mickey and Holly edged out Peter, Narin and Barbara  with a score of 13/10

GOLD:   Mickey Coughlin, Holly Sammons and Peter Mathis  

SILVER Peter Wellington, Barbara Hall and Narin Garrett,

BRONZE:   Thomas Moua, By Vang and May Lee, 

4th Place:  Poe Lee, Colette Evans and Teng Ly,  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

FPUSA NorCal Inter-regional Men's Singles 
hosted by the Lamorinda Petanque Club in Lafayette, California
on Sunday, 18 May 2014.

GOLD:       Peter Mathis (Valley of the Moon Petanque Club)

SILVER:     Jer Thao (Fresno Petanque Club)

BRONZE:   Mickey Coughlin (Redwood Empire Boules Club)

4th Place:  Chong Xiong (Fresno Petanque Club)

31 players competed from the NorCal and Southwest Regions.
Peter beat Jer 13/4 in the Final.

Mickey, Jer, Peter

FPUSA NorCal Inter-regional Women's Singles 
hosted by the Lamorinda Petanque Club in Lafayette, California
on Sunday, 18 May 2014.

GOLD:       Narin Garrett (Valley of the Moon Petanque Club)

SILVER    Erin McTaggart (Valley of the Moon Petanque Club)

BRONZE:   Colette van der Meulen (La Petanque Mariniere)

4th Place:  Teri Sirico (Petaluma Valley Petanque Club)

11 players competed from the NorCal and Southwest Regions.
Narin beat Erin13/12 in the Final.

Narin, Erin, Colette

Pictures by Linda Mottschiedler

FPUSA Northeast Inter-regional Doubles
hosted by La Boule New Yorkaise in Bryant Park, New York City,
on Sunday 18 May 2014. 

GOLD:         Malek Hfaiedh, Ernesto Santos (NYPC, LBNY)

SILVER:      Philippe Menier, Eric Bertin (NYPC, NYPC)

BRONZE:    Xavier Thibaud, JP Subrenat (NYPC, NYPC)

4th Place:   Emile Boujeke, Joseph Hassoune (LBNY, LBNY)

20 teams competed including players from OR, MA, PA, ME, and FL. Malek/Ernesto beat Philippe/Eric 13-12 in the final.

FPUSA Northeast Inter-regional Singles (all in)
hosted by La Boule New Yorkaise in Bryant Park, New York City, 
on Saturday, 17 May 2014.

GOLD:         Philippe Menier (NYPC)

SILVER:     Steve Ginsberg (LBNY)

BRONZE:   Joseph Hassoune (LBNY)

4th Place:    Gina DeJoy (Boca)

28 players competed, including FPUSA members from Portland, OR; Boston, MA; Florida, and Maine. Philippe beat Steve 13-6 in the final.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Club Francais de Sacramento hosted the 
FPUSA NORCAL Inter-Regional 60 and Over Tournament (10 teams)
at their Mather Field pistes on Sunday, 27th April:

GOLD     Ed Porto/Bleys Rose (both Petaluma PC)

SILVER  Peter Wellington/Mike Cooper (both Valley of the Moon PC)

BRONZE Barbara Howard/Eldon Moilanen (both Redwood Empire Boules Club)

Bleys Rose and Ed Porto 

Peter Wellington and Mike Cooper

Eldon Moilanen and Barbara Howard

Elisabeth and Pierre 

Catherine and Van

Fresno Petanque Club hosted three 
FPUSA Title Tournaments on the 26th and 27th of April.
on their pistes at Cary Park, Fresno, CA.

Saturday, 26th April
FPUSA SOUTHWEST Inter-Regional Men's Doubles (20 teams)
GOLD     Ly Van Nguyen/Thuan (Tom) Nguyen (both Los Angeles PC)

SILVER  Peter Mathis/Ziggy Kessouagni (Valley of the Moon PC/Petaluma PC)

BRONZE Phominik Lee/Kue Lee (both Club Francais de Sacramento)

4th Place Serge Almeras/Gordon Waxman (both Los Angeles PC)

FPUSA SOUTHWEST Inter-Regional Women's Doubles (10 teams)
GOLD     Teri Sirico/Holly Sammons (Petaluma PC/Valley of the Moon PC

SILVER  Chue Thao/Chia Vang (both Fresno PC)

BRONZE Mae Lis Yang/ Janice Bissonnette (both Fresno PC)

Sunday, 27th April
FPUSA SOUTHWEST Inter-Regional Mixed Doubles (30 teams)
GOLD     Jer Thao/Chue Thao (both Fresno PC)

SILVER  Chong Xiong/Xua Yang (both Fresno PC)

BRONZE Fue Vang/May Her (both Fresno PC)

4th Place Thuan (Tom) Nguyen/Diana Jacobs (both Los Angeles PC)

Mixed Doubles Medalists

Monday, February 24, 2014

South Florida Petanque Club in Lake Worth, Florida hosted the 2014 FPUSA SOUTHEAST Inter-Regional 65 Over/Under Select Doubles tournament on Sunday, 23 February. 
"We had 18 entries and all went well until the rains came, but the sun came back out and we finished before dark and had a good time."

GOLD: Roger Arpaia/Gerard Galliano

SILVER: Roger Arpaia/Gerard Galliano

BRONZE: Christian Coté/Michel Crouzillat

Marc Vedrines, Claude Lopez, Gerard Galliano, Roger Arpaia, Michel Crouzillat, Christian Coté

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Southeast Inter-Regional Mixed Triples

7 teams competed on February15 at the Sarasota Club de Petanque in Sarasota, FL

GOLD  Gilbert Salomón/Jacki Bax/Renée Bax

SILVER  Claude Laughley/Bernard Martin/Mareike Rolland 

BRONZE  John Rolland/Jean -Michel Laughley/Adga Moutard. 

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

SE Regional Triples

15 teams competed at Boca Petanque 2000 on Febraury 1st. Another good turnout and a good day of competition.

The Medalists…

GOLD:  (with host John Rolland) JP Herault, Claude Laulhe, Bernard Martin

SILVER:    Philippe Tripoul, Roger Arpaia, Gerard Galiano 

BRONZE:   Michel Robichaud, Claude Lopez, Gilles Lachance 

In fourth place, by  score of 13-12:  John Rolland, Francis Cherru, Jacques Martinez

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southeast Inter-Regional Mixed Doubles

14 teams competed on January 25th at the South Florida Petanque Club in Lake Worth.

GOLD Claude Lauhle/Marieke Rolland

SILVER Guy Labouyrie/Yolande Goupil

BRONZE Jean-Claude Cortes/Pierrette Sucur

4th Aaron Kianofsky/Joella Manalan

(left to right in photo below...)

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

Friday, January 24, 2014

1st International Tête à Tête: "Trophée Henri BERNARD"
1st & 2nd February 2014, in Nice, France
Joseph Hassoune of La Boule New Yorkaise will be competing in this Tournament.
Follow the progress of the Tournament here.
Watch a live video stream of the Tournament here

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Result of 2014 FPUSA Southeast Inter-regional Doubles Tournament held at Boca Petanque 2000 on 18 January, 2014:

1st: Claude Laulhe- Bernard Martin.
2nd: Roger Arpaia- Gerard Galiano.
3rd: Gilles Canesse- Eric Moutard.

18 teams competed. Result supplied by John Rolland. If someone wants to add some more details or photos, please feel free to add comments!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy 2014 - Time to Renew Your Membership!

Dear Members,
Please renew your membership with your club before the end of this month to avoid the $5 late fee.

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