Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fresno Petanque Club hosted three 
FPUSA Title Tournaments on the 26th and 27th of April.
on their pistes at Cary Park, Fresno, CA.

Saturday, 26th April
FPUSA SOUTHWEST Inter-Regional Men's Doubles (20 teams)
GOLD     Ly Van Nguyen/Thuan (Tom) Nguyen (both Los Angeles PC)

SILVER  Peter Mathis/Ziggy Kessouagni (Valley of the Moon PC/Petaluma PC)

BRONZE Phominik Lee/Kue Lee (both Club Francais de Sacramento)

4th Place Serge Almeras/Gordon Waxman (both Los Angeles PC)

FPUSA SOUTHWEST Inter-Regional Women's Doubles (10 teams)
GOLD     Teri Sirico/Holly Sammons (Petaluma PC/Valley of the Moon PC

SILVER  Chue Thao/Chia Vang (both Fresno PC)

BRONZE Mae Lis Yang/ Janice Bissonnette (both Fresno PC)

Sunday, 27th April
FPUSA SOUTHWEST Inter-Regional Mixed Doubles (30 teams)
GOLD     Jer Thao/Chue Thao (both Fresno PC)

SILVER  Chong Xiong/Xua Yang (both Fresno PC)

BRONZE Fue Vang/May Her (both Fresno PC)

4th Place Thuan (Tom) Nguyen/Diana Jacobs (both Los Angeles PC)

Mixed Doubles Medalists