Monday, May 20, 2013


For the first time in a decade, the FPUSA's big doubles event returned to the city of Sonoma in a two-day event hosted by the Valley of the Moon Petanque Club.

The winners:

Men's Doubles
First place:
Paul Yang and By Vang
Both of the Fresno Petanque Club
Second place:
Pierre Agnesse and Philippe Agnesse
Both of Portland (OR) Petanque Club
Third place:
Joseph Hassoune and Robert Dunn
Both of La Boule New Yorkaise

Women's Doubles
First place:
Narin Garrett (Valley of the Moon)
Cynthia Stroud (Maine Boules Club)
Second place:
Holly Sammons and Shannon Bowman
Both of Valley of the Moon
Third place:
Barbara Hall and Erin McTaggart
Both of Valley of the Moon.

Mixed Doubles
First place:
Narin Garrett (Valley of the Moon)
Ernesto Santos (La Boule New Yorkaise)
Second place:
Barbara Hall (Valley of the Moon)
Xavier Thibaud (New York Petanque Club)
Third place:
Tish and John Harris
Both of Oakhurst (CA) Petanque Club

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Friday, May 03, 2013

SW Regional Mixed Tournaments

(April 27-28) Fresno Petanque Club hosted the SW Regional Mixed Doubles and SW Regional Mixed Triples. It was a perfect Fresno weekend, sunny, but not too hot. Blessed are those shade trees! The excitement level was high and a great time was had by all!

Thank you, FPC, for hosting another wonderful tournament!

Results for doubles (18 teams):
Gold - Michel Yang and Chue Thao, Fresno Petanque Club
Silver - By Vang and Mai Lee, Fresno Petanque Club 
Bronze - Paul Yang and Chia Vang, Fresno Petanque Club

Triples (12 teams):
Gold - Paul Yang, By Vang and Mai Lee, Fresno Petanque Club
Silver - Nicolas Kau Yang, Thomas Moua, and Chue Thao, Fresno Petanque Club
Bronze - Mark Greenberg, Tiare Ferrari and William Widmaier, Los Angeles Petanque Club

NW Regional "65 Over/Under"

(April 21) Lamorinda Petanque Club hosted 22 teams for the NW Regional "65 Over/Under" Mixed Doubles.

The medalists were:
Gold - Patrick Vaslet + Holly Sammons, Valley of the Moon (below)
Silver - Mickey Coughlin, Redwood Empire + Jocelyn Krauer, La Boule d'Or
Bronze - Peter Mathis, Valley of the Moon + Carolina Jones, Lamorinda


 photo by Alain Efron

FPUSA NE Regional Singles and Triples

(April 20-21) FPUSA Regionals returned to The Big Apple on a cool spring weekend at the Parade Grounds in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

21 Players competed on Saturday. The medalists were:
Gold - Joseph Hassoune LBNY
Silver - 2nd Eric Bertin NYPC
Bronze -  Steve Ginsberg LBNY

9 Triplettes competed on Sunday. The medalists were:
Gold - Xavier Thibaud NYPC, Lucien Rakotojaona LBNY, Philippe Menier NYPC (below)
Silver - Eric Bertin NYPC, Thierry Julliard NYPC, Bill Harris NYPC
Bronze - Rafik Blida LBNY, Tiana Rarivoson LBNY, Charles Kossi LBNY