Friday, May 03, 2013

FPUSA NE Regional Singles and Triples

(April 20-21) FPUSA Regionals returned to The Big Apple on a cool spring weekend at the Parade Grounds in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

21 Players competed on Saturday. The medalists were:
Gold - Joseph Hassoune LBNY
Silver - 2nd Eric Bertin NYPC
Bronze -  Steve Ginsberg LBNY

9 Triplettes competed on Sunday. The medalists were:
Gold - Xavier Thibaud NYPC, Lucien Rakotojaona LBNY, Philippe Menier NYPC (below)
Silver - Eric Bertin NYPC, Thierry Julliard NYPC, Bill Harris NYPC
Bronze - Rafik Blida LBNY, Tiana Rarivoson LBNY, Charles Kossi LBNY