Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart of Texas PC Open Tournament

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club from Austin, Texas is having it's annual Open Tournament on Sunday March 28th, 2010.

Follow the link for more in detail information.  or e-mail / Phone The Club President, Arsene Dupin at:  or (512) 468-0957 .

Monday, February 08, 2010

Summer Petanque opportunities in Europe!


Int'l events coordinator

Are you going to spend some time in Europe this summer ?

Here are a few opportunities you might want to consider.

La Marseillaise à Pétanque

The 2010 version is scheduled from July 4th thru 8th, in Marseilles of course.

Last year, more than 4000 triplettes showed up coming from all over the world, and it is open to everyone regardless to your level in Pétanque.

No sponsoring there, but should we have a team wearing the FPUSA colors, it sure would be worth it. Should you be interested, whether as a team or an individual, please contact me so submit your candidacy, but keep in mind that qualification will be subject to the FPUSA Sport Committee agreement.


In Nice on the French Riviera, July 23rd thru 25th.

An international tournaments second to none, limited to 512 triplettes.

Last year, Team USA reached the 4th game, quite an achievement when you know how many current and former World Champions were present ...

As for the last 5 years, FPUSA has an invitation for 1 team, possibly 2, bed and board.

Qualified players only, selected by our Sport Commitee, just register with me; full team or individuals welcome.


Northern Italy, close to Cunéo, a 2 hour drive from Nice.

This international tournament will be held from July 30th thru August 1st.

Please refer to the FPUSA blog on 7/25/2009 to know more about it.

Qualified players accepted by the Sport Commitee will play triplette and doublette, and will be granted bed and board;1 team, possibly 2. I look forward to your application.

La Nismoise

In Nismes, Belgium, next to the French border, a 3 hour drive from Paris or Brussels.

Scheduled this year from August 27th thru 29th.

Again a major international tournament; the organizing Committee would like very much to have 1, possibly 2 FPUSA teams this year, bed and board provided.

Please refer to our blog on 7/28/2009 to know more about it, and come back to me if you feel like you can make it.

And "last but not least"

in Cagnes sur Mer, next to Nice international airport on the French Riviera,

open to absolutely everyone, even to non Pétanque-players !

Le Championnat du Monde de Boules Carrées

(please refer to the FPUSA blog dated Aug 25th 2009)

No FPUSA official representation there, but you will be more than welcome. It is fun, and amazingly difficult; no one can claim to be an expert, steep streets and cubic wooden "boules" make the whole exercise unpredictable. An experience of a lifetime, if you ask me.

This year, it is scheduled on August 22nd and 23rd.

No screening by the Sport Committee for this one, but get back to me all the same and I'll help you to register.

Please keep in mind selection will be made by the Sport Commitee some 10 weeks before events at the latest for FPUSA official appointments, on a first-come first- served basis so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Petanquingly ...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

New FPUSA Program to Assist New Clubs!

The FPUSA board has just approved a new program to help our new or newer clubs gain members and publicize the club's activities in their communities.
Qualifying clubs will be offered a free web page, financial help in purchasing leisure boules for use by new players, and also for a banner advertising the club, to be displayed whenever the club meets to play.

There are other features of the program all designed to help a club make its presence known in the community and more welcoming to new players.

If you are a new club or know of one that might be interested to explore how this program can help a club grow, you are invited to contact John Harris of the FPUSA Club Assistance Committee for more information.

Here are examples of club banners.