Monday, March 07, 2011

SE Mixed Doubles & Mixed Triples - RESULTS -

 We had a great time even though the weather did not cooperate with rain most of Saturday but Sunny and Hot on Sunday.
Lots of Canadians means tougher Competition and they came up in bunches, the pointing of the canadian ladies was flawless.


1st Place  Marcel Biolley and Nicole Belloy

2nd Place John Rolland and Marieke Rolland

3rd Place Roger Arpaia and Denise Dore


1st Place  Claude Laulhe, John Rolland and Marieke Rolland

2nd Place  Claude Lopez, Roger Arpaia and Pierrette Sucur

3rd Place Michel Robichaud, Elie Ohayon and Denise Dore


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dear FPUSA members,

Below is a very nice, all-expense-paid offer from the Turkish Federation for FPUSA to send 4 juniors, aged 13-14, to a new event — the World Children Sports Games.

Notice is relatively short, but if there is interest and commitment from parents and supporters, perhaps a delegation and team could be arranged.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested.

Thanks and all the best -Ed

Here is the text of the message from the Turkish Federation:

Dear Mrs / Mr Presidents,

1st World Children Sports Games (WCSG) will be organized between 24th April and 1st May, 2011 in Ankara, Turkey. There will be 13 different sports in WCSG. It is planned to be repeated for the following years.

Raffa, Boules and Petanque will also be included in WCGS. The metropolitan municipality of Ankara will cover all the expenses of this organization. Travel costs will be paid by our federation.

13 and 14 years old children will participate to the games. So we are intending to host up to 30 countries.

We will pay for international and domestic flights, hotel and meals! The participants don’t need to spend any money. (The flight tickets will be bought by our federation.)

This is not only a competition, but a big festival for the children! There will be many social programs in which the children would enjoy themselves.

Each delegation will be composed of 4 players, 1 coach, 1 manager and 1 national journalist. So we will cover all the expenses for 7 persons. But if the delegation will be represented in 2 or 3 specialties (Raffa, Boules and Petanque), then our federation will cover the expenses of 6 players.

We plan to have singles, doubles and triples in Raffa and Petanque. In Boules we plan to have progressive, shooting&pointing game and a doubles game. (Technical details will be given later.)

As the time is very short, we need to know your intention of participation very soon.

Please write me back about your intention of participation until the end of this week. We also need to receive name lists by the 15th of March.

I will be glad to host your delegation in Ankara during this great event.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you need further information.

Thanks in advance for quick replies.

Best regards,

Mutlu Turkmen