Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nationals - Singles/Mixed Triples

The weekend started with a large group of Petanquers getting together Friday afternoon at the Boca 2000 Petanque Courts for practice. I was a little late since I had to pick up Mamary at the Miami Airport and Erin in the Fort Lauderdale area on my way to Boca Raton but this is what Friends are for.
Saturday morning we all gather for the National Men and Women National Tournaments.
There were a total of 22 Men and 6 Women Ready to Battle with three Boules each. We had Players From Valley of the Moon Petanque Club in Sonoma, Maine Boules Club with a total of six Great Players, the newly organized "New York Petanque Club", Philadelphia and From Seaside, Sarasota, Orlando, Lakeworth, Boca Raton and Miami in Florida.
After the Dust settled the results were as Follow:

Single Women:

1st Mia Kanazawa.
2nd Cynthia Stroud.
3rd Erin Mc Taggart

Single men:

1st Mamary Coulibaly.
2nd Xavier Thibaud.
3rd Roger Arpaia

Mixed Triples:

1st Xavier Thibaud, Jean Pierre Subrenat, Erin McTaggart.
2nd Gloria Bergeron, Aaron Kianofsky, Mamary Coulibaly.

3rd Monique Gaudet, Elie o'hayon, Michel Robichaud.

Special recognition goes to Aaron Kianofsky ( crowd favorite) for his constant Smile and sense of humor PLUS unbelievable Pointing and Shooting and His Partner Gloria Bergeron that won Her first Medal in FPUSA and it had to be 2nd Place in a National Tournament. She also Played like a Pro. Congratulations!.

Click on the Link For the Full Album of Pictures.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

National Singles and Mixed Triples

Welcome to some Good Weather and a lot of Competition at the Courts of Boca 2000 Petanque Club in Boca Raton, FL. for The National Men and Women's Singles Tournaments on Saturday February 20th and The National Mixed Triples the Following day on Sunday February 21st.

For a ten Day Weather Forecast of the Area Click on the Link below.

For Further Information Contact our Boca 2000 Club President:

John Rolland

5788 Wind Drift lane, Boca Raton, Fl 33433

Cell: 954-425-2646.

Play in Europe this year!

Our International Events Coordinator, Robert Pierre, gives us an initial list of European tournaments for players to consider entering.

Last year, our players participated in five competitions in various parts of Europe and all report a very positive experience. Nothing improves our game like playing with the best!

These first four so far for this year include some subsidy or grant for rooms and meals to one or more official FPUSA teams. Sounds like fun doesn't it, defending our colors in some wonderful settings and enjoying a free room and/or meals while doing it?

Being selected for an official FPUSA team entails applying to Robert C PIERRE
(RCPIERREsq@hotmail.com)(individuals or complete teams) before the deadline mentioned for each tournament. Selected teams will wear FPUSA colors and will be notified of their selection by the FPUSA Sport Committee within 10 days after the deadline.

Vienna, Austria, June 12th thru 14th, Select Doublettes, accomodation provided for 1, possibly 2 Teams.
Dead line to apply:5/1/09

EuroPétanque, Nice, France, July 17th thru 20th, Select Triplettes, hotel and lunches provided for 2 Teams.
Dead line to apply: 5/29/09

Dronero, northern Italy, July 24th thru 27th, Select Doublettes and Triplettes, full board provided for 2 Teams.
Dead line to apply: 6/5/09

Zurich, Switzerland, August 14th thru 17th (to be confirmed), Select Triplettes and Doublettes, lump sum per player covering 2 hotel nights.
Dead line to apply: 6/26/09
(photos courtesy of Boulistenaute.com)

Monday, February 02, 2009

From the Southwest...

Southern California club member, and global pétanque ambassador, Robert C. Pierre, sends us this news update:

Club members might be interested to participate in a
Four-Day Pétanque and Belote Stay on the Costa Brava in Spain,
a 30 mile drive from the French border, along the Mediterranean coast.

This trip is organized every year by a club based in Nice. It is informal, and everyone is welcome.

This year, two dates are featured:

June 8th thru 12th, and October 12th thru 16th.

Prices include full board at the Tahiti Playa Hotel www.tahitiplaya.com

Pétanque tournaments include, for Men and for Women: singles (limited to 256 men and 64 women on a first registered basis), Doublettes Mêlée, and Select Doublettes. A Triplette Mêlée Générale is also organized, including both Men and Women.

There will be also Belote tournaments.


€ 162 per person based on double rooms.
Add € 48 for a single room.
Kids 2 to 10: 50% discount
Additional nights: € 36; add € 12 for a single room.

Deadline to register:
2/13/09 for June,
7/15/09 for October

Inquiry: RCPIERREsq@hotmail.com