Monday, April 23, 2007

WCQT 2007 - Portland, Oregon.

Portland Petanque Club is hosting this year's World Championship Qualification Tournament that will be Played on July21st and 22nd at the Club's Grounds in Westmoreland Park, Portland, OR.
For further questions please contact: Joe Martin at (503) 658-3709 or
Here is a lot more information in detail about the Event.
Enrollment Form
Hotel and Booking Information
Meal Information and Order Form

Friday, April 20, 2007

Huge turnout for the NW Regional!

There was a great turnout at the Mather Field terrain in Rancho Cordova for the NW Regional Doubles on Sunday, April 15th, thanks to some hefty promotion by NW Counselor and Club Francais de Sacramento Petanque Director Alain Gusella.

The CFS did a great job of organization and hosting, including a wonderful lunch, morning coffee and aperitif during the final games. Colette Evans, CFS President, presided over a great crew of volunteers.

It was a long day with 7 rounds of play. The winds were blowing all day at about 30-40 miles per hour making for often challenging conditions.

Cochonnets were moved regularly by the wind and had to be marked, and players were often seen stopping in mid-swing to reposition themselves after being unbalanced by a gust.
(R. Nielsen, Collette Evans, G Karpowitz)
37 teams played 3 games to 13 points before lunch (there were three 13-12 BYEs recorded). Then 16 teams advanced to the playoff, and 21 teams went to the consolante
R. Nielsen & G. Karpowicz 13-5 over P. Mathis & PJ Mallette
Third place:T. Lofaro & M. Lofaro over P.Vaslet & H. Kurz
Semifinals:R. Nielsen & G. Karpowicz 13-9 over P.Vaslet & H. KurzP. Mathis & PJ Mallette 13-12 over T. Lofaro & M. Lofaro
Consolante format was three random games, top 4 finishers in term of wins and point differential received prizes. Winners here were Holly Sammons and Erika Schmitt in 1st, Simone Furlan and Pierre Lebihan in 2nd, Patrick Sammons and Wolfgang Kuz in 3rd( Yes! two members of FPUSA's Junior team going to Japan in July), and John Morris and Denyse Haney in 4th place.
A great job of umpiring by Louis Toulon, John Krauer, Antonio Lofaro, Pascal Gravier and Eldon Moilanen.

(PJ Malette, Collette Evans, P. Mathis)

With 4 prizes in each bracket (60% of purse to the concours, 40% to consolante).CFS donated its $3 per entry share plus $100 to the purse. Thank you! (T Lofaro, Colette Evans, M. Lofaro)
$138 was raised for the FPUSA through a 50-50 raffle run by Joe Martin and Ed Porto.
Other funds were raised for the Juniors' team effort.'Looking forward to more great tourneys this year.
(Credit Ed Porto for the text, and blame Joe Martin for the photos)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Guidelines for Player Apparel at FPUSA Title Tournaments

Dear FPUSA members,

In response to a request for clarification from a player, here are the
simple guidelines for player apparel at all FPUSA Title Tournaments:

1. closed-toe shoes must be worn while on the terrain. No sandals, flip
flops or other open-toe footwear are allowed.

2. shirts must be worn at all times at the event.

3. The FPUSA and the local organizing committees reserve the right to
restrict any player if his/her garment carries an offensive message or
is inappropriate for the competition.

While both numbers 1 & 2 above are based on Article 38 of the
International Rules, the issue of #1 is truly about mitigating a
potential injury from a fast moving boule.

Number 3 is discretionary and may be cited by either the Tournament
Director, Umpire on duty, or any FPUSA official present. The decision
will be made by the Tournament Jury and will be final.

Feel free to contact me if you are in need of further clarification and
please note: team apparel is always encouraged as a way to promote the

Thanks and Enjoy Petanque!


Ed Porto
FPUSA National Sport Director