Saturday, November 19, 2011

John Roland Open 2011 - Results-

The Results for the 2011 Edition of the John Roland Open goes as follow:

Main Tournament

1st Yanick Lauhle and Jean Michel Lauhle

2nd Marco Foyot and Bernard Martin

3rd Pascal Corchia and Gilles Canesse
3rd Maryse Bergeron and Marieke Roland

Consolante A

1st Ziggy and Juan Garcia

2nd Michel Robishaud and Gilles LaChance

Consolante B

 1st Ives Chenette and Paco

Link to the John Roland Open Pictures:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend to remember!

Players of all stripes, from Israel, Netherlands, France and Canada, joined their American brothers and sisters in-boules as they met this past weekend, November 11-13, on 68 courts constructed by host Philippe Boets of Petanque America in Fernandina Beach, Florida, to play in the largest petanque tournament in the U.S., the Petanque America Open.

As in past years, Christophe Chambers, familiar to all of us, shouldered what would be a mind boggling task to most of us by skillfully formatting the 136 teams (272 players) into an impeccably run competition of qualifying games, concours, and consolantes.

By Friday morning, the 11th, several sets of clinics were being offered to the steady stream of players arriving, boules in hand.

Many players had enrolled in the advanced clinic conducted by Marco Foyot, "Le Gran Marco", who has won so many competitions in his home country of France and on the international circuit that there is not room to list them, but being on the winning team for the "Marseillaise" 6 times gives a hint of his accomplishments on the court.

FPUSA instructors, Ed Porto, Frank Pipal put on well attended "basics of petanque" clinics, as did Artem Zuev in his "Art of the plombée" offering.

Narin Garrett (Redwood Empire Boules Club) gets a few hints from Marco Foyot as Verena Rytter(LPM) looks on.

In addition to special motel rates, Philippe had arranged for easy transfer to the tournament venue and a players area at the courts featured food and beverage vendors and a large tent for taking one's meals in the company of fellow players. Everything necessary for the complete petanque experience, competition and camaraderie, was in place. Over an apero, Christophe conducted the draw.

Christophe conducting the draw assisted by Erin McTaggart (Redwood Empire Boules Club)

Marco Foyot pointing in an early match.

Saturday morning, under clear skies, Philippe's welcome remarks and Christophe's announcements explained all and the tournament was under way.

After a full day of 5 qualifying games, on courts made difficult by a covering of fine fill over thumb sized rocks, players retired to restaurants for a good meal and awaited the next day's slotting of teams into the various levels of the tournament.

Sunday, players crowded the bulletin board to determine into which tournament they were placed as a result of their performance the previous day and then play commenced.

All day teams competed hoping to "end up in the money" and by just after dark on a lighted court the final game produced a winner.

Truly astounding for most spectators were the large numbers of carreaux made by shooters Marco Foyot and Damien Hureau in the final.

Full results will follow in a few days, but here are the top four teams.

1st Place- Marco Foyot (France) and Bernard Martin (Boca 2000 Petanque)

2nd Place- Jean-Pierre Subrenat (New York Petanque) and Damien Hureau (France)

3rd Place- Peter Mathis (Redwood Empire Boules Club) and Antoine Geoffroy (Canada) and Mario Gagné and Ben Gauthier (both Canada) (note: match not played for 3rd & 4th place, both teams received 3rdplace result)

At the awards ceremony that followed at a local restaurant, prizes were awarded to teams finishing in the money and gift certificates contributed by FPUSA totaling $500 were handed out by random draw to teams who otherwise had not won prize money.

Philippe Boets and Diana Jacobs(LAPC) "cut the grass"

Need boules?
This is a "not to miss" tournament for any and all players. Plan to be on a team for it next year!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NE Regional Tournaments -RESULTS-

OFFICIAL RESULTS from the NE Regional Triples and Doubles Tournament hosted by the
 Maine Boules Club on September 10 and 11th.

 We had an excellent turnout with 38 competitors for the Triples and
 and 36 for the doubles.

TRIPLES Concours
1st Kate Unkel, Jetsun Penkalski and Patrick Hayes/MBC and LBNY
2nd Cynthia Stroud, Gina deJoy and Andre Strong/MBC
3rd Ernesto Santos, Kate B., Lucien Tianajaona/ LBNY
4th Mark Kindschi, Mia Kanazawa, Bill Irvine/MBC

1st Joel Schifflet, Paul Kelly, Bill Harris / NYPC
2nd Duncan Ralph, Frank Bianco, Russ Dischinger /MBC


1st Cynthia Stroud, Andre Strong/MBC
2nd Lucien and Bill Harris/ LBNY/ NYPC
3rd Mark Kindschi and Mia/MBC
4th Ernesto and Kate B./ LBNY

1st Joel and Paul/ NYPC
2nd Kate U. and Jetsun/ MBC
3rd Paula and Colin/ MBC

As you can see, Maine Boules Club was very well represented on the podium, with
special congratulations to Paula and Colin - brand new members who
were playing in their very first tournament. Great to see that 7 out of 8 teams in the 2 concours contained at least one woman player.

You can find many more photos, including the awards ceremony and lobster dinner, on the Maine Boules Club facebook page
or on the Pilgrim's Inn website.

Thanks to all who competed, hosted guests, raked, signed us up,
cleaned up, and provided us with water, coffee, pastries and shelter.
It was truly a wonderful weekend. We loved playing on the new piste
at Webber's Boatyard. Many, many thanks go to Annaliese and Matt of
the Boatyard Grill, who made it possible for us to play there and kept
our bellies happy.

       Mia Kanazawa
       MBC President

Thursday, August 25, 2011

NW Region Doubles & Triples Results!

It was a great weekend for a couple of tournaments, August 20-21, the FPUSA NW Region Doubles and Triples. This time of year in Portland Is known for bringing the heat, and though it got to 95℉ on Sunday and felt hotter than that on the courts for most of us, we were all grateful not to see triple digits. Players from seven out of the dozen clubs in the NW region made this a true regional tournament with 20 doubles teams and 13 triples teams.

The doubles final in progress

Doubles Winners, 1st & 2nd Places, see below for full listing of winners.

Triples Winners, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places

Recap of Results:

NW Region Doubles- Saturday

1st Place- Ed Porto & Frank Pipal (PVPC)
2nd Place- Mike Stasack & Ryan Baker (EPIC)
3rd Place- Paul Zemanek (PPC) & Paul Sherer (RB)
4th Place- Van Woolfe & Daniel Andre (PPC)


1st Place- Dave Riffo (LPM) & Dan Feaster (REBC)
2nd Place- Jim Laughlin & Marvin Wood (PPC)
3rd Place- Ray Peterson & Jeed Chaiboonruang(EPIC)

NW Region Triples- Sunday

1st Place- Shaughn McClurg (PPC), Johhny Prince (REBC), Van Woolfe (PPC)
2nd Place- Paul Zemanek (PPC), Paul Sherer & Brian Barton (both RB)
3rd Place- Joe & Bob Cortright, Wally Peppel (all PPC)
4th Place- Ray Peterson, Jeed Chaiboonruang (EPIC), Nan Walter (REBC)


1st Place- Philippe Agnesse (PPC), Mike Stasack & Ryan Baker (both EPIC)
2nd Place- Jim & Sarah Laughlin & Marvin Wood (all PPC)

Key to club abbreviations- PPC= Portland Petanque Club, EPIC=Eugene Petanque International Club, RB=Rogue Bouligans, REBC= Redwood Empire Boules Club, LPM=La Petanque Mariniere, PVPC=Petaluma Valley Petanque Club

Thursday, August 11, 2011

John Rolland Annual Select Tournament 2011 (Updated)

Boca Petanque 2000 in Boca Raton, FL.

"Doublettes" November 5th and 6th 2011.
 Up to $4,000 in Prizes
Open only to the first registered 40 Doubles Team.
Entry Fee: $50 per Player.

4PM Friday November 4th, Drawing of the Teams at the Club. Nibles and Pastis will be Served to All Participants.

Saturday the 5th of November Tournament Begings.
Lunch will be available both days including wine and water ($6 only with advance paid reservation).
8:30 Registration of the Teams
9:00 The Games start promptly
20 Teams will Stay in the Main Tournament and 20 Teams will go to the 1st Consolante

Sunday the 6th of November
8:30 Registration of the Teams
9:00 The Games start promptly
8 Teams will Stay in the Main Tournament, 12 will Go to the 2nd Consolante. (5 Games on Saturday)
From the 1st Consolante 8 Teams will Remain and 12 Teams will Go to the 2nd Consolante. (4 Games on Sunday)

Sunday: Prize Ceremony 5:00PM Food and Drinks will be served, compliments of Boca Petanque 2000
For Information and Registration:

John Rolland
5788 Wind Drift Ln
Boca Raton, FL. 33433
Cell: 954 425-2646

Monday, August 01, 2011

NW REGION Doubles & Triples, AUG 20-21, Portland, Oregon

For FPUSA NW Region Clubs

The Portland Petanque Club is pleased to host the NW Region Doubles and Triples over the weekend of August 20-21, 2011. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a fun weekend with some great competition. Portland is known to be a fun destination for players and our club has a good record of hosting tournaments.

Hope to see you!

For questions, see contact information on forms. Click on forms to enlarge for printing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Revised FPUSA Calendar

Please note this late change to the calendar: the Pan American World Championship Qualifier has been rescheduled to November 9th.

This tournament is tentative, and depends on commitments from other federations in the hemisphere who were given until September 30th to decide whether or not they will participate.

Best wishes -Ed


Ed Porto

FPUSA National Sport Director

Friday, July 01, 2011

Perfect Weekend for a perfect tournament! The Pan Am Qualifier!

Last weekend, June 25-26, 2011 under glorious blue sky and mid 70's temps, the Lamorinda Petanque Club welcomed 20 triples teams to their home courts in Lafayette, California to compete in the Pan American Qualification Tournament, the winner of which is the FPUSA's choice to represent this country in the World Petanque Championships to be held next year, 2012, in Marseille, France. It could happen that there will be an intermediate selection tournament on the way to the World Championships but this won't be known for a few months yet.

By Friday afternoon, the 24th, the courts were full of players learning the lay of the terrain, and Lamorinda Club volunteers were setting up for the next two days of competition.

Players from all over, New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and of course, California, arrived in high spirits, there were lots of bear hugs as acquaintances were renewed and all looked forward to playing against the best the FPUSA has to offer.

The Lamorinda Club had been preparing for months and the organization was impeccable. String lines dividing the courts were taut, lumber had been laid to stop errant boules, the tournament format had been set, days-end snacks were set to arrive on time, a non-playing umpire, Antoine Lofaro, was ready to measure and give rulings, and Tournament Director Etienne with the support of Club President Bill Hansen, had his play sheets of the team match-ups ready to go. Our sincere and profuse thanks to the club and its volunteers for giving the FPUSA and its players such an enjoyable weekend!

Ed Porto, FPUSA Sport Director makes opening announcements

After team captains reported to the control table Saturday morning and players blitzed through the continental breakfast, play began promptly at 9AM. There were 5 random games that day on assigned courts. Chatter fell off and serious boules work began and continued for the rest of the day, interrupted only by a delicious lunch offered on site by the club as part of the registration.

At the end of the day, the 12 teams with the most wins and best point spreads were slotted into the concours tournament for Sunday's concluding games. The other 8 teams were entered into the Federation Cup, a tournament also open to players who had not come to compete in the Qualification tournament.

By Sunday morning, the 12 teams in the Concours began play in 4 pools of three teams each. Top seeded teams based on the previous day's results were given a 1st round bye and the remaining 8 teams played in their pools. A team losing two games was eliminated and by mid-afternoon, the best 8 teams began the single elimination run to the winner's circle, quarter finals, semi-finals, and the Final. It had been decided that the losing teams of the semi-finals would both receive 3rd place medals and there would be a final match for 1st and 2nd places.

The opening rounds of the Final

The final match then, was between the New York Petanque Club team (see full names and clubs in the results list below) of Eric, Xavier, and Jean-Pierre, and the team composed of Pascal, Juan, and Ziggy. A double wide court, previously not played on that day by these teams was prepared and after the coin toss, the jack was set and play began.

It soon became apparent that putting in a good point was going to be determinant in this game. Players struggled to get one in, sometimes the points were long, and other times short. The two shooters on each team rarely missed, lots of crowd pleasing, applause getting, hits of steel on steel, followed, and this put pressure on the pointers to get another point in.

Working hard to get those points in.

The team of Juan, Pascal, and Ziggy soon started to run up a lead after starting strong. The other team managed points here and there, but they couldn't make their count get past 5 points and soon it was 12-5, and then one more end made it 13-5. We had our winners!

Players were back slapping and hugging and sharing the excitement with any and all. The jubilant winners were ecstatic they had won, especially since this was the first time the three of them had played together as a triple. But petanque is that way, isn't it?

Two excited players from the winning team!

While hundreds of photos of combinations of players were being embedded on countless memory cards, volunteers were carrying wine and snacks on trays to appreciative players. it was a gratifying end to a perfect two days of competition.

Etienne, Tournament Director does double duty!
Some of the items donated for an after game auction to help the club defray costs.

The next Pan Am Qualification Tournament will be scheduled for 2013 to pick the team for the 2014 World Games somewhere on our globe, our big blue marble. See, even the world is just a boule, though a huge one.

See you at the next one!

Here are many more photos!

The winners! (LtorR) Pascal, Ziggy, Juan
2nd place Concours, (LtoR) Xavier, Jean-Pierre, Eric
One of the 3rd place teams (LtoR) Ti, Ernesto, Alec with Lamorinda President Bill Hansen
The other 3rd place team, (LtoR) Peter, Mickey, PJ

Federation Cup Winners, (LtoR) Philippe, Thai, Van
2nd Place Federation Cup, (LtoR) Erin, Peter, Narin
3rd Place Federation Cup winners, (LtoR) Paul, Peter Paul, Brian

Federation Cup Consolante Winner Joe Cortright accepting the prize for his team.

FPUSA Pan American Qualification Tournament Results

1st place

Juan Garcia (captain) (Boca Pétanque 2000)

Ziggy Kessouagni (Chicago Pétanque Club)

Pascal Corchia (la Boule Du Desert)

2nd Place

Eric Bertin (captain) (New York Pétanque Club)

Xavier Thibaud (New York Pétanque Club)

Jean-Pierre Subrenat (New York Pétanque Club)

Joint Third Place

Ernesto Santos (captain) (La Boule New Yorkaise)

Alec Stone Sweet (La Boule New Yorkaise)

Richard Meas (La Boule New Yorkaise)

Peter Mathis (captain) (Redwood Empire Boules Club)

PJ Mallette (Portland Pétanque Club)

Mickey Coughlin (Redwood Empire Boules Club)

FPUSA Federation Cup Tournament

First Place

Philippe Agnesse (captain) (Portland Pétanque Club)

Antony Nguyen (Portland Pétanque Club)

Lavant Woolfe (Portland Pétanque Club)

Second Place

Narin Garrett (captain) (Redwood Empire Boules Club)

Peter Wellington (Redwood Empire Boules Club)

Erin McTaggart (Rewood Empire Boules Club)

Third Place

Peter Paul Montague (captain) (Rogue Bouligans)

Paul Porter (Rogue Bouligans)

Brian Barton (Rogue Bouligans)

Federation Cup Consolante

Winners- Joe Martin(captain),

Joe Cortright (all Portland Petanque Club)

Bob Cortright

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mondial Ricard-La Marseillaise, A Big Open tournament in Montreal

The Canadian Federation of Petanque announces the 4th Annual Mondial Ricard-La Marseillaise, a tournament open to players from around the world, including those from the U.S.

The three day event, August 5-7, 2011 takes place in Longueuil, suburb of Montreal and features several tournaments, recreational, invitational, and selects, with varying registration fees, but a large purse is assured.

If more information is needed contact Diana Léger :


4ieme Mondial Ricard-La Marseillaise à Pétanque 2011

BOURSE TOTALE PLUS DE 17500$ (conditionnel au nombre d’inscriptions)

Dates : 5-6-7- août 2011 Lieu : rue St-Charles à Longueuil/Québec/Canada Responsable : Hélène Bergeron

Programme Sportif

Vendredi 5 août 2011

11h à 12h TOURNOI RÉCRÉATIF Coût : 6$/joueur Organisé par les Clubs de Longueuil

Formation à déterminer (Max. 72 joueurs (es))

13h Début des parties

14h Inscriptions Tournoi V.I.P. Sur invitation de Distillerie Corby

14h30 Début du Tournoi V.I.P.

16h en continu ÉCOLE DE PÉTANQUE Fédération de Pétanque du Québec


Triplette Hommes et femmes Enregistrement des joueurs

Limité à 36 équipes Hommes et 24 équipes Femmes

Coût : 180$/équipe Bourses réservées pour les B Cadrage : 4 parties/16 équipes qualifiées H et F

(Parties en temps limité ** jusqu’en demi-finales) Tirage au sort des équipes

Annonce classement B

18h TIR EN ÉQUIPE DE 10 1 équipe- 10 tireurs- 1,000 boules Début

Samedi 6 août 2011


1er tour : 4 parties en temps limité =16 équipes qualifiées

À déterminer Arrêt pour le repas

13H30 à 14h Tournoi RICARD no. 2 (parties en temps limité) Inscriptions

Triplette Hommes et Femmes mélangés (limite de 28 équipes)

Coût : 30$/équipe

Cadrage : 3 parties/16 équipes qualifiées/élimination

4 Prix identiques après les ¼ de finale

14h en continu TIR DE PRÉCISION INDIVIDUEL Pétanque Olympique Longueuil

14h en continu ÉCOLE DE PÉTANQUE Fédération Pét. du Québec

14h 15 Tournoi RICARD no. 2 Début du Tournoi


2e TOUR Poules suisses : (partie en temps limité)

18h 30 TIR EN ÉQUIPE Fédération Pétanque du Québec Début

1 équipe / 10 tireurs / 1000 boules / 1heure

Dimanche 7 août 2011


8 Équipes qualifiées Hommes et Femmes (suisse)

14h Demi-finales

16h Finale

10h en continu TIR DE PRÉCISION INDIVIDUEL Pétanque Olympique Longueuil

8h à 8h 45 Tournoi RICARD no 3 (parties en temps limité) Inscriptions

9h Triplette Hommes et Femmes Début du tournoi

Maximum 32 équipes Hommes et 18 équipes Femmes

Coût : 30$/équipe

Cadrage : Championnat/Consolante 1-2-3

12h TOURNOI RÉCRÉATIF Coût : 6$/joueur Inscriptions

13h Formation : à déterminer maximum 78 jours (es) Début du tournoi

12h ÉCOLE DE PÉTANQUE Fédération Pét. Du Québec

Avant la finale du Mondial TIR DE PRÉCISION INDIVIDUEL ½ et Finale du concours de tir


Pour le Mondial Ricard : Inscriptions et paiements à l’avance. (Si chèque, à la Fédération de Pétanque du Québec)

Sur les 36 équipes Hommes= conservons 6 places pour l’International et 2 sur les 24 équipes Femmes


1. Les équipes se présenteront obligatoirement en maillot, chemise ou T-shirt identiques

2. Les parties se dérouleront en 13 points ou au temps en 60 minutes la partie

3. À son sifflet l’arbitre lancera et arrêtera les parties au temps

4. Au début de chaque mène chaque équipe aura droit à un seul lancé du but.

5. Toute mène commencée avant le coup de sifflet final de l’arbitre devra être terminée.

6. En cas d’égalité après une heure de jeu, une mène supplémentaire départagera les équipes.

7. Le jeu a lieu à l’intérieur du cadre seulement (un seul terrain)

8. Les Équipes gagnantes et perdantes marquent leurs résultats sur leur fiche de jeu et la font signer par l’arbitre sans délai.

9. Un arrêt de 15 minutes sera observé entre les parties sauf pour les équipes qui réalisent une mène supplémentaire qui doivent reprendre la partie suivante en même temps que les autres.

10. Passé cet arrêt de 15 min, les équipes retardataires seront pénalisées de un point par tranche entamée de 5 minutes porté au crédit de l’équipe qui attend.

11. Au-delà de 30 minutes de retard l’équipe absente sera déclarée perdante.

12. En demi-finale et en finale les parties se dérouleront en 13 points.

13. L’arbitre sanctionnera les comportements non sportif de ralentissement du jeu, la sanction après avertissement pourra aller jusqu’à l’exclusion de l’équipe. Sa décision est sans appel.


Pour vous inscrire en personne lors des tournois suivants : Tournois nationaux du parc PIE XII à St Leonard le samedi 18 juin,

La coupe Sylvestre à Levis le 2 juillet,

National de Trois-Rivières le 7 juillet,

Le tournoi des bleuets à Roberval le 23 juillet,

Festival de Valleyfield le 30 juillet.

par courriel à Diana Léger :



Veuillez libeller votre chèque à l’ordre la Fédération de Pétanque du Québec et le faire parvenir à l’adresse suivante :

Hélène Bergeron

629 Préfontaine

Longueuil J4K 3V8

Pour information : Hélène Bergeron ou Bernard Aurouze au 450- 442- 9202.