Thursday, August 25, 2011

NW Region Doubles & Triples Results!

It was a great weekend for a couple of tournaments, August 20-21, the FPUSA NW Region Doubles and Triples. This time of year in Portland Is known for bringing the heat, and though it got to 95℉ on Sunday and felt hotter than that on the courts for most of us, we were all grateful not to see triple digits. Players from seven out of the dozen clubs in the NW region made this a true regional tournament with 20 doubles teams and 13 triples teams.

The doubles final in progress

Doubles Winners, 1st & 2nd Places, see below for full listing of winners.

Triples Winners, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places

Recap of Results:

NW Region Doubles- Saturday

1st Place- Ed Porto & Frank Pipal (PVPC)
2nd Place- Mike Stasack & Ryan Baker (EPIC)
3rd Place- Paul Zemanek (PPC) & Paul Sherer (RB)
4th Place- Van Woolfe & Daniel Andre (PPC)


1st Place- Dave Riffo (LPM) & Dan Feaster (REBC)
2nd Place- Jim Laughlin & Marvin Wood (PPC)
3rd Place- Ray Peterson & Jeed Chaiboonruang(EPIC)

NW Region Triples- Sunday

1st Place- Shaughn McClurg (PPC), Johhny Prince (REBC), Van Woolfe (PPC)
2nd Place- Paul Zemanek (PPC), Paul Sherer & Brian Barton (both RB)
3rd Place- Joe & Bob Cortright, Wally Peppel (all PPC)
4th Place- Ray Peterson, Jeed Chaiboonruang (EPIC), Nan Walter (REBC)


1st Place- Philippe Agnesse (PPC), Mike Stasack & Ryan Baker (both EPIC)
2nd Place- Jim & Sarah Laughlin & Marvin Wood (all PPC)

Key to club abbreviations- PPC= Portland Petanque Club, EPIC=Eugene Petanque International Club, RB=Rogue Bouligans, REBC= Redwood Empire Boules Club, LPM=La Petanque Mariniere, PVPC=Petaluma Valley Petanque Club