Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National Mixed Triples & Singles results

The Fresno Petanque Club hosted 26 Mixed Triples teams and 50 Singles players (30 men, 20 women) on Saturday and Sunday April 27-28 in fine style. It was a great weekend of petanque with players from around California. Sprinkled in were players from Illinois, Oregon and New York.

Mixed Triples medalists:

GOLD: Colette van der Meulen, David Riffo (La Petanque Mariniere), Frank Pipal (Valley of the Moon)
SILVER: Thomas Moua, Jer Thao, Chue Thao (Fresno)
BRONZE: Diana Jacobs, Artem Zuev (Los Angeles), Ed Porto (Petaluma)

Men's Singles medalists

GOLD: By Vang (Fresno)
SILVER: Artem Zuev  (Los Angeles)
BRONZE: Jer Thao  (Fresno)

Women's Singles medalists

GOLD: Nicole Coughlin (Redwood Empire)
SILVER: Karen Petryna (Fresno)
BRONZE: Barbara Howard (Redwood Empire)

Thanks to all the volunteers at the FPC for their generous hospitality and superb organization!