Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dallas Petanque Club's "LaFont Memorial Tournament"!

While the Dallas Petanque Club is one of FPUSA's newest clubs, its ranks include experienced boulistes, including Pascal Corchia, member of the team going to the World Championships in Marseille later this year.

We thank Nicolas Taquet, club president, for providing us with this history of the club and the origins of the La Font Memorial Tournament.

"In the early 70s, Jean LaFont worked at the Rainbow Room in New York and Earnie’s in San Francisco prior to coming to Dallas to oversee restaurants that included Arthur’s, Old Warsaw, Les Saisons, and Mario’s. LaFont eventually moved to the Pyramid Room of the Fairmont Hotel and never-to-be-forgotten Oz in 1974. Until late 2011, LaFont continued to cook, consult, or both with many restaurants.

Besides being one of the finest and most influential chefs in Dallas he was also an exceptional Petanque player. 40 years ago he brought with him several sets of Petanque boules (some from his grand-father) to initiate his workers and play with his friends. The Petanque group of Dallas played at various locations around Dallas and a group of friends kept the game alive over the years. In May 2011, the City of Farmers Branch Park and Recreation built a large Petanque court with lights and benches under the tree shade. Having for the first time a devoted place to play, the Dallas Petanque Club was founded with the Federation of Petanque of USA in September 2011 with 12 members. The Club lost his dear member Jean LaFont early 2012 but a LaFont Memorial Petanque Tournament will remain.

On May 6, 2012 the first LaFont Memorial Petanque Tournament was held with 11 teams of doubles in Farmers Branch, TX. We were honored by the presence of several players from San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX."

Eleven teams of doubles at the opening of the tournament.

Seven very nice courts greet the players.
 The winners of the La Font Memorial Tournament.
Tournament winners: (From left to right)
Silver: Michel Costa and Nicolas Bienvenu
Gold: Pascal Corchia and Richard Fernandez
Bronze: Cesar Maksoud and William Baker

All of us wish the club great success and growth!