Saturday, October 11, 2008

Report from Turkey!

We have our first report from our women's team, competing this weekend in the Women's World Championships in Samsun, Turkey, and from the looks of this photo, they are off to a good start. We'd all take 13-4 win anytime, don't you think?

Here they are in blue (l to r), Erin McTaggart, Diana Jacobs, Sandra Bonneville, and Antonia Chavez,, ably assisted by Mary Albright, Chef de Delegation, just before the game with Monaco.

They are playing on an asphalt surface covered with loads of what looks to be kitty litter! But, Diana says it plays pretty well. Now, there's a new surface for us to try.

And this photo tells us they are not playing in Kansas:
We wish them the very best of luck in the rest of the tournament. And many thanks to Jan Claire, former FPUSA Secretary, who supplied them with many helpful tips that he gathered during the time he spent in the area some years ago while in the US Air Force.

To be sure, competing with the best players in the world is a gratifying and memorable experience, though to get there this team had to win a national competition, and then come out of their pocket to supplement the funds supplied by the FPUSA. We thank them profusely for their dedication to promoting the sport in America.