Sunday, October 12, 2008

Final news from our women's team in Samsun

Our team in blue, just before the face off with Team A of Turkey. (the host nation gets two teams)
And here are Diana's words describing the match:

"Yesterday in the first round of the Nations Cup we played the Turkey A team. It was one of the premier matches of they day. The stands were packed with family and friends of the team. It lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes and we prevailed, 13-11."

In the shooting competition, conducted just like the ones we do in our clubs here, it was Thailand vs. Netherlands and France vs. Tunsia in semis. Then France vs. Netherlands in the finals. The French woman won with a stunning score of 47.

Here is Sandra letting off a few shots during the shooting competition.

Here is the Champion Shooter from France, Angelique Papon, 47 points!

"Tomorrow we go on in the Nations Cup"
And, you can see from the results how well our team did, getting all the way to the semi-finals before being outscored by the Belgians in a close one, 13-12. and the Belgian team went on to win the Coupe des Nations.

In the concours for the World Championship, the Spanish team won over the Thai's 13-10.

One can only be impressed by how well our team played and we are very proud of them. A big "well done" to them all! Team USA finished 3rd winning a Coupe des Nations bronze! Wonderful finish with many memories! We thank all of you for your fine effort!

In between games and the rain squalls that made everyone appreciate the big tent,
Sandra, Diana, and Erin strike a pose.

The next women's championship is in two years, time to start practicing!