Friday, October 17, 2008

NY Open - Results -

Alec Stone Sweet & Yacob Nour Win the 2008 New York Open

A field of 30 teams gathered in New York’s Bryant Park for the annual New York Open doubles tournament, a two-day petanque event. Coming from outside the tri-state area were teams from California, North Carolina, Illinois, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Canada.

It was a beautiful Fall weekend. If it were only like this for the WCQT! But the delight of seeing the usual sun-bathers on the lawn turned into the ruckus of machinery digging it out for the construction of the ice rink. And we had only limited access to our usual makeshift terrains around the lawn. But show must go on.

Sixteen teams qualified for Sunday’s main event. Richard ‘Ti’ Meas and Amadou Thiam were knocked out by Xavier Thibaud and Ernesto Santos, as were Jean-Pierre Subrenat and Eric by Alec Stone Sweet and Yacob Nour, the Canadian champion.

A few notable upsets were Raja Harb and Hugh Gallagher beating Loi Nguyen and Hakim Kozar and team Joseph Hassoune beating the Canadians, Marc Raymond and Alex Bendi.

The remaining full Canadian team—Remy Bouchard and Laurent Mirabeau—lost to Xavier and Ernesto in the semifinal. Alec and Yacob beat Yngve Bilsted and Gilles Ray to reach the final, which they won against Xavier and Ernesto 13-10.

Prizes went to 14 teams in all: the top 8, the top 2 concours consolante “A”, and top 4 regular consolante “B” teams, with 1st Place awarded $800, 2 Irony Chronos from Swatch, 2 Armagnac Chateau De Laubade 1991.

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