Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SE Regional Melee Triples - Results -

After a rainy Night and a bit cold for our taste we all showed up for what was going to be the first FPUSA SE Melee Triples Tournament. To my surprise I asked John Roland why was he setting up the lines to separate the Courts when he replied "this is an FPUSA Event", most of the Players had no idea this was a "Medal" Tournament but just another "let's get together and Play tournament" (including me of course).

When the dust settled, the winners were:
1st Place
John Rolland
Michel Cazenave
Elie Ohayon
2nd Place
Aaron Kianofsky
Regis Argenteri
Alex Canesse
3rd Place
Marc Vedrines,
Marieke Rolland,
Marc Mailloux.