Monday, February 04, 2008

Getting acquainted with the new FPUSA Sport Committee

Our program of tournaments, our umpires, and interpretations of the "rules of the game", all come from our Sport Committee. We wouldn't be a petanque federation without these dedicated volunteers headed up by Ed Porto, our National Sport Director.

Working behind the scenes with frequent emails, and lengthy discussions, the committee members in cooperation and coordination with our clubs and their presidents, hammer out a full schedule of tournaments each year , and insure that just enough guidance is supplied to give us a fun season of competition that culminates in the World Championship Qualification Tournament and the selection of the team that represents the United States in the International Games, this year in Senegal, November 12-16.

Any player with questions or concerns about our tournaments, umpires, or the rules that we use is invited to contact a committee member.

Good luck on the courts!

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