Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Bouler-Bear Midwinter Games in Chicago

[text source from pieces of e-mail/Blog post of Dan Danielson]

You might have thought that our Chicago zero degree weather would stop us from playing this French sport. THINK AGAIN.This weekend the club had it's first "BOULER-BEAR" MIDWINTER GAMES - a rather invigorating and spirited event.Lobbing, rolling, shooting, and tossing steel balls in frigid temps can make a man or woman out of any boy or girl. Although, having the free spirited attitude of a kid helps quite a bit.

Before the games could even begin, much shoveling was needed just to get down to a playable surface... a frozen and fast surface. As soon as the games began, it was very apparent that heavy backspin would be the technique of the day.

We could not have survived without the famous Abramski gas-fueled "BOULE-WARMER". Helpful hint: putting a hot steel boule in your pants pocket makes a very big difference in a player's comfort level. It was also discovered that heating up an extra boule and putting it in your pocket felt really nice. And if you put it in your pants pocket, it felt ESPECIALLY nice.
Lunch at a local, warm restaurant and our PRE-PRE-season club meeting followed the event. A grand time was had by all.

More info on the club website:

If you are living and freezing in Chicago, you might as well have fun. Jumping into Lake Michigan in January... is that fun? If it is, you'll love petanque in the winter. Jumping into the lake only lasts a few seconds. We play for HOURS. Now that is fun. Join us again anytime, if you dare.

Dan Danielson