Monday, February 18, 2008

A Mini-Marseillaise in our backyard!!

The Canadians are mounting a credible effort to conduct a “Marseillaise” type tournament in Quebec City, up the St. Lawrence Seaway from Montreal.

It is even sponsored by Ricard, and get this, the purse is $15,000 plus all of the registration fees! Entry is $135 per team and there’s a consolante for the eliminated teams (you are sure to be in good company!). (Canadian dollars are quoted here) Pools will be used at first to make the cuts for the single eliminations that follow.

It is set for August 15-17, of this year and while it is open to all comers, Robert Pierre our International Events Coordinator for the FPUSA has petitioned the organizers for a set aside space for an official team from the U.S. that will be eligible for a $900 expense money grant from them for that team.

If you are interested either to form a team, (triplettes, men’s and women’s)or be one of its members, please contact Robert Pierre ( or Ed Porto, FPUSA National Sport Director, ( for additional information. In a few days Robert will be out of touch for about a month, so please include both Ed and Robert on your email.

To be considered for the FPUSA team, please indicate your interest by June 30.