Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Sunday at Boca 2000

Today was just a perfect Day for Petanque in South Florida the temperature was from the Mid 70's to Lower 80's all Day, there was a constant Breeze that felt welcome, I was even a little Sunburned at the end of the Day, the Courts were a little damped and soft at the beginning of play but returned to their normal feel by Noon time, there were enough Players today for seven Doublettes thanks to some Canadians and some of Roger's Friends from France, at lunch time we all sat together and shared some of the food (Thank You Gloria for the wonderful Brownies) after Lunch the seasoned Players stayed and Played seven more Games to finish up by Sundown when the temperature dropped to the lower seventies. For the out of towners coming in this week for the WCQT Tournament make sure you bring Sunblock we're all are going to need it.