Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NE Regional Triplet 2006

A little belatedly, here's a recap of the NE Regional Triplet Tournaments held on Sept 9, 2006 in Worcester, Massachusetts.....

24 players from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and New York played in the unseasonably warm 80F+ temperatures. The gravelly terrain at Greenhill Park provided its usual challenges as pointeurs searched for la belle donnee and tireurs who were not au fer found themselves not getting the bounce they expected. At the end of many well played and collegial matches, most were satisfied for having taken on the terrain. The results:

1st Place: Richard "Ti' Meas, Hery Rakotoarivony, Hans Jepson (La Boule NewYorkaise)
2nd Place: Mark Kindschi, Mia Kanazawa, Andre Strong (Maine Boules Club)
3rd Place: Brian Walsh, Pete Crowley, Philippe Riand (Le Mistral Club de Petanque)
4th Place: Bob Liberty, Charlie Testa, Paul Dersain
Consolante: Albert Kallanian, Jean-Pierre Kallanian, Levan Bogosian (Le Mistral Club de Petanque)

For more photos and details, click here