Thursday, November 16, 2006


The team from the Portland Petanque Club, NW Region, consisting of Joe Cortright, Desmond Grattan, and Van Woolfe made an amazing showing at the WCQT in Boca Raton that finished up Sunday afternoon, 12 November. They played consistently well and inevitably rose in the standings, proving to our club that, in our fifth year since forming, we can field a team as strong as any in the country
The fellows placed a phenomenal 4th out of 20 teams, and were just barely not in the final match, being outscored by the NY team that eventually took first place, and were thereby shunted into the match for 3rd and 4th, where they were again outscored, leaving them at number 4 of 20.
Beginning with the eliminations Sunday morning, it was a joy to watch them making point after point and shooting so well on difficult courts. They even fannied a very strong California team who had every hope, themselves, of winning the tournament.
No doubt every player who attended came back with some good stories, of courtside drama, other fannies made, the very strong showing from the Bay Area Womens' World Championship hopefuls Erin, Narin, and Pim, the rocky and unpredictable courts, and even the fine weather. (And, oh yes, a late night boules game on the paving stones outside the Awards Dinner restaurant(Desmond!!!).
This was a good one to have attended.
Joe Martin, NW Regional Counselor

Photo-left to right- Joe Cortright, Lavant Woolfe, and Desmond Grattan For more pics and writeup go to the Portland Petanque Club website