Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Results: FPUSA’s NW regional triples melee on Aug. 12

FPUSA Northwest Regional Triples Melee Results

August 12, 2012 at La Petanque Mariniere courts, San Rafael, CA

The event drew 54 players in 18 teams of triplettes from across the Northwest region.

The final results and prize money:


1st place: Kevin Evoy/Phim Nielsen/Tamara Efron: $73.00 each

2nd place: Paul Moua/Pierre Bremont/Christine Cragg: $41.00 each

3rd place: Steve Jones/Jean-Michel Poulnot/Simone Furlan: $31:00 each


1st place: Steven Paulsen/Patick Vaslet/Helen McGill: $31:00 each

2nd place: Yor Lee/Larry Cragg/Christine Jones: $20.00 each

3rd place: Alain Gusella/Antonia Paulsen/Nan Walker: $13.00 each

Antoine Lofaro served as the event's sole umpire and credit for smooth organization is due to Verena Rytter, Bart Zachofsky and David Riffo.

For color commentary on the event, see the blog by La Petanque Mariniere’s digital scribe, Alain Efron, at his site: