Monday, August 06, 2012

FPUSA NW Region results for Mixed Triples and Singles

FPUSA NW Region Mixed Triples winners
(Lto R) Philippe, Isabelle,& Pierre Agnesse, Jen Sliker, Wally Peppel, & Joe Martin, Nicole & Mickey Coughlin, Doug Colleton)

Over the weekend of July 28-29, 2012, the Portland Petanque Club hosted the FPUSA NW Region Mixed Triples and Men's and Women's singles.

Participating clubs included those from Oregon (EPIC, Rogue Bouligans), Washington(SPC, Edmonds, Walla Walla), and Northern California (REBC), all included in the FPUSA NW Region. 

The tournament began with a Friday afternoon "apero" and the drawing to place the 14 mixed triples teams into the Saturday morning qualifying games. 

Saturday, the matches got underway and after a break for lunch, the afternoon the 8 team concours and 6 team consolante commenced. By about 6pm the winning teams emerged. 

Mixed Triples
1st Place- Mickey and Nicole Coughlin and Doug Colleton (all REBC)
2nd Place- Joe Martin, Jen Sliker, Wally Peppel (all PPC)
3rd Place- Pierre, Isabelle, Philippe Agnesse (all PPC)
4th Place Shaughn McClug, Celia Crittenden (both PPC), J. Prince (REBC)

A well attended catered dinner at the club followed and players stayed until dark playing pick up games.

Sunday morning, both the Men's and the Women's singles commenced with 24 players in the men's and 8 in the women's.

Singles games go the fastest, so by 4:30PM, we had our winners.

In the Men's Singles, it was:

1st- Thai Nguyen (PPC)
2nd- Joe Martin (PPC)
3rd- Mickey Coughlin (REBC)
4th- Tim Larson (PPC)

And for the Women's Singles:

1. Celia Crittenden (PPC)
2. Jeed Chaiboonruang EPIC)