Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Teach The Trainers" a grand success!

Englemann Cellars, site of the TTT
This past weekend, May 19-23rd, was the occasion of the FPUSA Teach The Trainers program in Fresno, California. Skillfully organized by Tim Channell of the Fresno Petanque Club, and conducted by Victor Nataf of the FIPJP (the international petanque federation) the 32 FPUSA players from around the country met for 3 full days of instruction and hands on training on the courts to show them how to design programs for younger players and for adults new to the game.

Gary explaining a drill to Frank

Going through the line doing one of the drills.

There was plenty of classroom instruction at the local Fresno winery (Englemann Cellars) that had donated its facilities for our use, and lots of outside activities demonstrating different drills and exercises useful to teaching new players basic skills and strategy. The focus of the training was to enable those of us who attended to understand and consider the elements necessary to construct a program of training sessions that would enable a new player to progress through the game. Indeed, our final exam was to layout a training session on some element of shooting that would fit into a one year program of instruction.

Victor using the big screen to illustrate his points.

Assuming all passed this exam, each will be issued a certificate showing them as Level 1 Instructors in Petanque.

After the class sessions each day, there was a reception allowing us to taste that winery's products, followed by dinners, catered and also at a local restaurant.

Dining "family style" at a local Basque restaurant

Needless to say, one great value of the TTT was the opportunity for those attending to network, often with others whom they were meeting for the first time, to compare thoughts and plan for a continued relationship in the ongoing process of developing and spreading awareness of the sport of petanque.

Victor receives a plaque in appreciation of his work with us. (photo courtesy Philippe of PA)

The generous support of time and money from both the FPUSA and the Fresno club for this first time effort guaranteed that the TTT was a grand success. The follow up will be for our Certified Trainers to begin the process of conducting training in their communities.

(photo courtesy of Ken Lee)
One of those attending, Ken Lee of LPM will soon have additional photos on his LPM blog

Video link to the Fresno local TV broadcast of the event. Try it soon because it won't be up for long.