Saturday, May 01, 2010

SE Regional Triples - Sarasota, FL.

We just had the SE Regional Select Triples on April 24th and the following day April 25th the SE Regional Melee Triples. The weekend was perfect and the rain stayed away until the end of the second day of play.
The playing ground changed from one day to another, softer and slower on Saturday and hard and faster on Sunday, just to keep it interesting.
 The Results are as Follow:

SE Select Triples

1st Gilles Canese, Salem Touati, Juan Garcia

2nd Eric Moutard, Marcel Kallanian,Christian Bousquet

3rd David Bloom, Brenda Green, John Hayes

SE Melee Triples

1st Eric Moutard, Marcel Kallanian,Salem Touati

2nd Gilles Canese,Juan Garcia, Stephane Sollieux

3rd David Bloom, Richard Goodin, Christian Bousquet

4th John Hayes, Joan Sollieux, Jacques Bajard

SE Regional Triples - PICTURES