Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SFPC - Triplette Tournament

This was just a Wonderful Day of Petanque when Mario and I left Miami for Lakeworth for 10 hours of our Favorite Game to Participate on a Triples Tournament. The weather was Great even though it rain for about five minutes, there was a lot of people and the competition was though. After the Tournament was over we played an extra 4 to 5 games and ended up at around 6:00 PM when the Sun was coming down.
We are always thankful to Armand and the whole Club for receiving us with open arms every time, we actually drive about 70 miles each way to Play.

Tournament Results

1- Roger Arpaia / JuanGarcia / Dominique Beaufrand
2- Pierre Lallinec / Pierre Gaudet / Gérard Reuther
3- Raymond Fulconis / Jean-Piere Touchard / Jackie Du Pres
4- Gérard Galliano / Daniel Waltch / Reggie Argentieri
5- Jean-Jacques Baudo / Jean Vergnes / Jo-Ella Manalan
6- Mario Olivieri / Joseph Delpuppo / René Desjardins