Monday, July 02, 2012

Results: FPUSA's NW regional doubles on June 24

June 24, 2012 at Redwood Empire Boules Club, Fort Bragg, California

Report from REBC's Dan Feaster:

This is new link to tournament photos:

Men’s Concours
First Place: Mickey Coughlin (REBC) Dan Feaster (REBC)
Second Place: Peter Mathis (VOMPC) Steve Paulsen (VOMPC)
Third Place: Bleys Rose (Petaluma Valley) Tom Parkinson (REBC)
Men’s Consolante
First Place: Jean-Claude Etallaz (La Pétanque Marinière) Jean Claude Bunand (LA Boule D’OR)
Second Place: Hans Kurz (VOMPC) Michael Cooper (VOMPC)
Third Place: Frank Menhams (REBC) Obe Brown (REBC)
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Women’s Concours
First Place: Holly Sammons (VOMPC) Shannon Bowman (VOMPC)
Second Place: Antonia Paulsen (La Pétanque Marinière) Verena Rytter (La Pétanque Marinière)
Third Place: Christine Cragg (La Pétanque Marinière) Teri Sirico (petaluma Valley)
Women’s Consolante
First Place: Barbara Howard (REBC) Nan Walter (REBC)
Second Place: Carolina Jones (Lamorinda) Beth Lysten (Lamorinda)

In addition, on the preceding Saturday, REBC and the Noyo yo yos co-sponsored an open, select doubles event to honor a prominent North coast petanque player.
Skip Wollenberg Memorial Tournament Results
June 23, 2012 at Redwood Empire Boules Club, Fort Bragg, California
First Place: Hans Kurz (VOMPC) Michael Cooper (VOMPC)
Second Place: Peter Gealey (REBC) Larry Kellogg (REBC)
Third Place: Holly Sammons (VOMPC) Shannon Bowman (VOMPC)
Fourth Place: Kevin McGill (Sacramento Petanque) Helen McGill (Sacramento Petanque)
First Place: Peter Mathis (VOMPC) Steve Paulsen (VOMPC)
Second Place: Ron Hock (REBC) Mike Stewart (REBC)
Third Place: Joe Martin (Noyo Yoyos) Charles Reinhart (Noyo Yoyos)

A total of 27 teams competed in each event. Both events were held on courts alongside the new C.V. Starr aquatic Center in The seaside city of Fort Bragg.
Petanque players came from Oregon as well as the Northern California cities of San Francisco, San Rafael, Sonoma, Petaluma and sacramento. Even France was represented! The North Coast communities of Ukiah, Willits, Sea Ranch, fort Bragg, Mendocino, Little River and Albion were well represented in the first FPUSA event ever held in fort Bragg.
Eight NW clubs were represented: Redwood Empire Boules Club, Club Francais de Sacramento, Lamorinda Petanque Club, Boule d’Or (San Francisco), La Petanque Mariniere (Marin), Valley of the Moon Petanque Club (Sonoma), Petaluma Valley Petanque Club, Rogue Bouligans (Williams, OR).