Friday, June 01, 2012

Posted by Tish Harris, 

SW REGIONALS DOUBLES PLACINGS: Held 5-26-12 in Los Angeles, Ca. 
18 teams competed!

1st: Tom Nguyen, Thom Thai (Los Angeles).
2nd: Artem Zuev (Los Angeles), Karim Kamal (not sure of your club sorry!).
3rd: Paul Yang, By Vang (Fresno Petanque club).

1st: Didier Pellerud (not sure of your club), Michel Ribet (San Diego).
2nd: Elena Chardonnay, Hoa Lam (Los Angeles).

It must have been a great tournament!

SW Regional TRIPLES, held in Los Angeles Petanque Club. 5-27-12. 
14 teams played for the honors.
1st: Didier Pellerud, Michel Ribet (San Diego), Eric Vigouroix (sp?). Sorry guys, not sure of your clubs.
2nd: Paul Yang, By Vang, Nicolas Kau Yang, Fresno Petanque club.
3rd: Tom Nguyen, Thom Thai, (Los Angeles Club) Karim Kamal, not sure of your club.

1st: Patrick Montoya, Mark Haagenstad, Jacob Knight. La Mesa Petanque Club
2nd: Munif Aamir, Jared Gearhart, La Mesa Petanque Club, Elena Chardonnay, Los Angeles Petanque.

This must have been another super tournament!  Congrats to all the winners, well done!