Saturday, February 05, 2011

Petanque in Europe this summer!

One of Ibiza's beautiful beaches, just 50 miles off the coast of Spain, across from Valencia

For those of you who are interested in playing abroad next summer, here is a calendar of some significant tournaments that FPUSA teams have entered in past years.

Mind you, the level is always very challenging, hence the requirement for those interested to officially represent the FPUSA to be granted approval by the FPUSA Sport Committee.

However unofficial teams are free to go on their own and do not need Sport Committee approval.

The FPUSA has just received a formal invitation for an official FPUSA Team from :



For the 17th int’l de Petanque of the “Island of Ibiza”, scheduled on May 27th thru 29th, including full room and board.

Team of 3 + Coach, Sport Commitee approval required.

More details available from

The following tournaments do not include a formal invitation offering room and board at this time, though some of them could come up with one within the next few months depending on their sponsorship. As it goes, an update will be posted on our Blog:

La Marseillaise a Petanque

July 3rd thru 7th in Marseilles, France, of course.

Int’l Espaci Occitan

July 29th thru 31st, in Dronero, Italy (close to Cuneo).

EuroPetanque d’Azur

August 4th thru 8th , in Nice on the French Riviera.

Mondial de Millau

In Millau, France, Aug 11th thru 15th

Later in August, there will also be:

Grand prix international de Zurich, Switzerland, and

La Nismoise in Belgium.

As soon as the dates are available, they will be posted on the FPUSA blog.

Last (for the time being), is:

Jersey Petanque Association:

International of Jersey on October 8th and 9th

Interested by entering any of them? Please contact our int’l events coordinator: