Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Marseillaise in Canada!

This is the second year of the Canadian version of the Marseillaise! It was a grand success last year, with over 75 teams competing, 4 or 5 from the U.S.

A couple of U.S. teams finished in the money last year owing to them running a couple of consolantes in addition to the Concours. The Concours was won by an excellent Canadian triplette, headed up by Yanick Laulhé, one of the sons of Claude Laulhé, a five time member of Canada's world's team.

This year it is in Longueuil, just next to Montreal, July 16-19.

(click on poster to enlarge)
One can look forward to a very well run event. It is an "open' tournament, anyone can participate. Expect the level of play to be high. A couple of lunches and a dinner are included, as are samples from Ricard of their popular beverage. Oh yes, there is prize money, too!