Thursday, March 05, 2009

SE Singles and Doubles

SE Regional Singles Tournament

1st Gilles Canesse

2nd Juan Garcia

3rd Salem

SE Regional Doubles Tournament

1st Claude Laulhe, Marc Vedrines

2nd Jean Jacques, Pascal Rouillon

3rd Roger Arpaia, Ben Gauthier
Saturday was the day for the Singles Championship, with a total of 15 Players 14 Men and one Petite Woman (Raquel Garcia) but as I said, a good learning experience. This day was perfect weather wise with a Pizza party at the Pavilion at the end of the day with a Raffle and Lots of Prizes with the proceeds to go towards the Juniors for the World Championship.
Sunday morning was a different story since overnight we had a cold front coming in and no one liked the soaking rain that hit us several times during the day.
I have to say something about Marinette, she reminds me of the Wolf dressed as the sweet old Lady from the famous children story. She outpointed me effortlessly on our quarter final match, I as trying hard to make a good point on these difficult Sarasota Courts and she will beat me time and time again without even trying sometimes I thought she was playing with Her Eyes closed.
The Doubles Final ended up being played at the dirt parking lot under the Lights.
No Doubt about it, this was another Successful Petanque Tournament Weekend.