Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SE Regional Triples - RESULTS -

This First time ever Melee Triples was a success!. Players of different levels got together to Play Petanque on Saturday morning.
On a personal note I would like to report that John Wildner was very happy to Win his first FPUSA Medal, He started playing over a year ago and now He's playing like a champ and this is what's all about with the Melee Tournament.
John Roland, Boca 2000 Club President was missed all weekend due to that he was sick and You know that He had to be feeling really bad to NOT Play on these two Tournaments. But He now feels much Better.
Good Competition with quality Teams was what the Sunday SE Regional Triples was all about.
We all had plenty of Fun, it's always great to meet with our Friends and Play our Favorite Game.

SE Regional Melee Triples

1st Roger Arpaia; Pierre Gaudet; Suzanne Gautier

2nd Juan Garcia; Michel Deschappes; John Wildner

3rd Michel Robichaud; Michel Cazenave; Monique Gaudet

SE Regional Formed Triples

1st Gilles Canesse; Alex Canesse; Juan Garcia

2nd Roger Arpaia; Claude Lopez; Michel Cazenave

3rd Jean Jacques Baudo; Gerard Reuther; Gerard Galliano

Click on the Link for the Pictures of these two days of Competition in Sunny Florida.