Friday, April 04, 2008

Another fun tournament in Europe!

Robert Pierre, our International Events Coordinator, has found a very appealing tournament, La Pauillacaise, in France for U.S. teams to enter this fall. Just north of Bordeaux, the most famous wine growing area of France, is the town of Pauillac and teams from Algeria, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland, to name a few, will be joining French teams for 4 days of doubles and triples petanque beginning 18 September.

Entry is a pittance, 5 €, but the purse is 5000€ plus portion of entry fees for the men’s concours, probably a formula breakdown. The first day is sightseeing, followed on the second day by tours of the famed Chateau Margaux and other well known ones, then an on the spot doubles tournament that afternoon.

The morning of the third day begins the main triples tournament for men, with women’s and youngster’s tournaments beginning concurrently.

Touting their tournament as “not the Millau Mondial, nor the Marseillaise”, they are out to offer a “petanque lovers” tournament, a more collegial, more fun event with the kind of petanque everyone likes.

Hotels and rooms are reasonable, especially if sharing. If you are interested to have more information about this event, and want to explore joining some of FPUSA players who have already expressed an intention to play here, contact Robert ( who is in France as you read this.

This tournament ends in plenty of time for you to arrive back in New York for the WCQT, 27-28 September.

Also, visit the tournament web site