Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boca 2000 - Le Fitounais Petanque Club

November 17th 2007.

The sky was blue and the palm trees of our beautiful park were the 1st witnesses of the petanque meeting between a French and the American clubs. Although coming from all regions : Cuba, France, USA. ,Canada..., we all understood the same language : Petanque and friendship.
This meeting was the result of a 58 years old friendship between John Rolland, Pres.Boca Petanque 2000 and the VP. of the Fitou Petanque Club, Charley Sabatier whom together with the help of Jean Louis Fabre and Robert Mercadal, on the French side and on our side the Arpaia family created an unforgettable event.
Even though Boca Petanque 2000 is National Champion " Doublettes and Triplettes " that didn't impress the Fitounais club, ( Fitou is a small vineyard village in the Languedoc- roussillon region in the South of France ).Their 21 Petanque aficionados clearly tested our skills in this friendly setting.
We started in the morning in perfect weather conditions: 75 degrees F.
After a fabulous lunch with good wine and entertainment provided by Jeanette to the delight of everybody,
play continued and the exiting 13-12 final was a combination of French and American teams : Finalist, Raquel Garcia and Charley Sabatier, Champions : Claude Ozzanne and Gerard Galiano.
This whole day was a great success, the weather was still fantastic, but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our French friends.
A big "thank you" to our volunteers.

Soon a French web-site about this event will be available

View lots of Pictures @ the Link Below.