Monday, July 09, 2007

This Tuesday, the FPUSA Juniors - Hallie Cohen; Wolfgang Kurz; Brendan Cohen; and Patrick Sammons will be departing for Suwa, Japan to compete in the Junior World Championships (July 13 - 15).

The Juniors leave on a high note by winning top prize (out of 18 triples) in San Rafael in a come-from-behind final! They won against a triplette of (what was once...) the best players in the NorthWest region, if not the country!

This skilled group will be competing against Germany; Australia; Belgium; Caeroon; Canada; Denmark; Spain; Estonia; Finland; France; Japan (of course!); Hungary; India; Italy; Laos; Singapore; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Czech Republic;Thailand; Tunisia; and Vietnam.
The Juniors express their gratitude to FPUSA and its members who have helped to fund this momentous event.
We all eagerly await stories of their victories and adventures.
Good Luck Juniors!