Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1,200 Registered Members of F.P.U.S.A. (and growing!)

Frank Pipal has just reported on the F.P.U.S.A. numbers of registrants. It seems we’ve reached a record high in members, 1,200 -- and it isn’t even June.

These 1,200 members will soon be joined by another 300 members as nearly 277 members from last year are due to re-apply. Club Presidents, you can speed this process along by checking your club membership lists and making some phone calls.

Even more encouraging is the rate of growth, with 188 new members for 2007.

The season is young, and we have plenty of time to double that number by the winter.

Petanque couldn't live on without an infusion of youth- there are 39 juniors members and we think this figure can double by year's end.

For those of us who like stats (and who doesn’t?) the gender breakdown is 33% Female; 66% Male (which make 1% unsure - that’s statistics for you!)