Thursday, March 15, 2007

Record FPUSA renewals and new members!

FPUSA Secretary, Frank Pipal, reports that our membership is at a record level this early in the year.
The push this year to get renewals done early in the year has paid off: 1,111 license holders as of March 1st, compared to 1035 at this time last year. Those renewing from previous membership number 980 and we welcome131 who are new to us.
And, you want more breakdown? We have 390 women players (12 juniors), and 721 men (25 juniors). Past experience tells us we can expect these numbers to increase during the year as our activity on the courts increases, becoming more visible to those who don't yet know about our game.
Early renewals and issuance of licenses is the best way to insure that players are eligilble to compete in all the tournaments, especially the ones held early in the year, and it encourages clubs to process their renewals promptly rather than hold them in batches and send them in over several months.
And, it is looking like the push to get our player's photos on their licenses is helping. Doubtless, our photos are better than the ones on a player's driver's license and having a license with a photo seems to make it easier to join in group play when visiting abroad.
Our sincere thanks to all the players and the clubs who have been supportive of renewing at the first of the year.