Monday, December 11, 2006

South Florida Petanque Club

The South Florida Petanque Club started their Season a couple of weeks ago and is the biggest Petanque Club in FPUSA with almost 200 Members most of them Canadians, they are a great and Friendly Organization with Armand Lallinec as their President.
On Sunday Dec. 10th they had a triples Tournament with 2 men and 1 Woman ( they like to change the format every week ) the weather was a little cooler for us Floridians with passing rain clouds and Temperatures in the 60's.
The winners for yesterday's tournament were :

1-) Michel Crouzillat / Raymond ("Boom, Boom") / Dominique Beaufrand
2-) Roger Arpaia / Juan Garcia / Lucie Arpaia
3-) Jean-Jacques Baudo / Reggie Argentieri / Pierrette Sucur
4-) Gerard Reuther / Omer Lortie / Lise Lortie
5-)Alfred Lavigne / Michel Sucur / Marie-Claire Chaput